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1988 model
1988 Model Year Statistics
Powertrain Changes
Chassis & Suspension Changes
Exterior Changes
Interior Changes
Special Editions

Photo: Jonathan Parker's Cypress Green 1988 Range Rover 40th Anniversary Edition. Note characteristic exhaust outlet and exposed door hinges on pre-1989 models. Note the sunroof that was normally optional but was standard on the 40th Anniversary Edition. An aftermarket brush guard has been added.

1988 Model Year Statistics

Number built  3,942 U.S. (26,747 Worldwide)
First 1988 built August 5, 1987
Last 8 digits of first 1988 U.S. Spec. Range Rover VIN JA303322
Base Price $33,950 (increase of $2,575 from 1987)
Curb Weight 4,303 lbs. (same as 1987)
Gross Vehicle Weight 5997 lbs.

Powertrain Changes:

Engine was the same as 1987, but the transmission was recalibrated (lock-up was delayed) to improve responsiveness, it was the same 4 speed ZF4HP22 automatic with lockup torque converter and overdrive 4th gear. Second gear ratio was changed to 1.48:1 and converter lock up speed increased from approximately 40mph (1,500 rpms) to 50mph (1,750 rpms).  The transmission changes resulted in an EPA rating that was 14 mpg for both city and highway

Chassis and Suspension Changes:
Bake servo improved for “less pedal effort”.
New brake disk material was used to (according to RRNA) “give better pedal feel”. 

Exterior Changes:
Available Paint Colors (Paint Codes): Alaskan Blue Metallic (393), Chamonix White (354),) Colorado Silver Metallic (391), Cypress Green Metallic (367), Portofino Red (390), and Savannah Beige (365)
New roof panel without ribbing over front seat area (to provide a flat area for the sunroof)
Electric slide and tilt sunroof  now available as an option at $1,375
1988 interior

Interior Changes:

Available Interior Colors: Osprey Gray cloth or Penbroke Gray leather
More were sold with leather seats in 1988 than in 1987 a $1125 option
Air conditioning ducts were modified for more flow
Check Engine Light was added to the dash, next to the fog light switch

Photo: Jonathan Parker's 1988 RR 40th Anniversary Edition, Cypress Green with Grey interior. Front seats and dash have been covered to protect them. The  lacquered burl walnut door cappings are just visible.

1988 Model Year Range Rover Special Editions:

40th  Anniversary Edition: (See photo at right and at top of page).
This was introduced midway through the model year and cost $700 more than a standard Range Rover with the optional sunroof and leather interior. The model was available in Cypress Green or Chamonix White, they all had power sunroofs and Pembroke Gray leather interior with “additional leather details” and lacquered burl walnut door cappings.  The standard three spoke wheels were painted a lighter color silver (RRNA called a this a “special finish”)  An oval shaped 40th Anniversary Edition sticker was on the front fenders (wings) below the rub strips.  The Sticker said Land Rover 1948-1988 with a big 40th Anniversary in the middle.  A small number of Beluga Black 40th Anniversary models were available with darker lacquered burl walnut door cappings. 


Malcolm Smith drove a modified Range Rover to a fourth place finish (the highest ever to date for an American) in the 8,000 mile Paris-Dakar rally.

British Aerospace buys the Rover Group from the British Government for 150 Million Pounds August 11, 1988.

Range Rover was named “Best 4x4” by Playboy Magazine

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