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  1. Classic A/D/S ADS Stereo - Worth putting back in?

    Range Rover Classic
    I have an '93 LWB with a complete aftermarket setup I installed. Components: Kenwood AM/FM/CD/XM head unit with USB, AUX, and Bluetooth inputs 900w Kenwood 4 channel amp Front speakers - Rockford Fosgate 5 1/4" mid-woofers (mounted in lower door), with separate component tweeters (mounted...
  2. Been waiting 40 years for this

    Range Rover Classic
    I would recommend new rotors. They are not that expensive.
  3. 1991 Range Rover Build Thread

    Range Rover Classic
    Lots of luck with your build. Get your wallet ready Lol. I am getting ready to post updated pics of my now, monster '93 build that has been my project for 4 years. I love driving it every time. Great vehicles if you maintain them properly.
  4. Post Pictures of your Classic

    Range Rover Classic
    My '93 LWB. Running 35" Super Swampers.
  5. Has to change out the heater fan.

    Range Rover Classic
    When i did my replacement several years ago i bought the blower fan assembly and heater core from Atlantic British. Its not an easy job. The whole dash needs to come out.
  6. The Great Brake Job Adventure!!

    Range Rover Classic
    When i rebuilt my brake system i spent the extra money and bought original calipers and rotors from Rover`s North. That being said, my second rover classic brake system was completed using Atlantic British parts. No complaints. Do not cut corners on your braking system with a 6k lb vehicle.
  7. 172K mile engine, Repair or Replace?

    Range Rover Classic
    Always take the minimalistic approach.
  8. Let's talk about MAR - Mid Atlantic Rally

    General Chatter
    Who all is going to 2015 MAR, in Pembroke, VA?
  9. Intro: Classic Cool 95

    Range Rover Classic
    Instead of cosmetics, lets see some wheels pulled off and/ or important mechanical things happening.
  10. correct coolent temp

    Range Rover Classic
    Ive been running my temp guage inline heater hose for almost 3 years. I run about 195 constant (even with recent head re-do). My dash temp guage runs below mid-point. In my opinion, as long as you establish a baseline temperature, or a constant, then simply look for any major variation. Dont...
  11. Slipped liner or bad lifter?

    Range Rover Classic
    That definitely sounds like something is broken. Rocker shaft, pushrod, spring, etc.
  12. Temperature Gauge

    Range Rover Classic
    Iput my aftermarket temp guage in the heater hose. works very well.
  13. Removing BW T-Case from RRC

    Range Rover Classic
    The top of the transfer case is hitting a body seam on the tunnel.
  14. Post Pictures of your Classic

    Range Rover Classic
    Another pic.
  15. Post Pictures of your Classic

    Range Rover Classic
    Drove the beast 6 hours to the beach this week. Did great.