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  1. Velar actual cargo space?

    Range Rover Velar / L560
    The cargo area is nearly identical to the Jag F Pace. Head down to your local Jag dealer to check it out. If your stuff fits in the Jag, it will fit in the Velar.
  2. 2017 RRS TD6 or the new 2017 Discovery 5 TD6?

    General Chatter
    The other thing to consider is the Disco will be available with an activity key. It's like a fit bit sized bracelet that is shock and waterproof so you can leave your keys in the car, lock it up securely, and then go enjoy your outdoor pursuits. I think the Disco will be a bit more practical and...
  3. Chromoflair Autobiography sighted in the wild

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    First time I've seen one in person. The color change as it drove by was pretty cool. Not my cup of tea but not as tacky as I thought it would look. Not crazy about those giant lights on the roof either. To each their own.
  4. 91 RRC gauge cluster symbols

    Range Rover Classic
    Top to bottom left to right: -indicators -brake pad wear -parking brake and/or low brake fluid -transmission temp -battery/alternator -high beams -trailer attached -windshield washer fluid -oil pressure -ABS -seatbelts -low coolant
  5. Supply and Demand - Classic Rarity and Value

    Range Rover Classic
    I don't know about prices shooting up, but I think the prices for the really clean, well maintained and original classics will continue to rise slowly.
  6. 1991 RRC Aux Fan?

    Range Rover Classic
    Sounds like it's operating perfectly.
  7. RR Classic shifter not connected to shift cable

    Range Rover Classic
    The last time it happened to me they were about $0.50 at the dealer. That should tell you how long ago it was. AtlanticBritish.com or Roversnorth.com probably has them. Cheers
  8. RR Classic shifter not connected to shift cable

    Range Rover Classic
    I've had this happen to my truck before, have a 91 RR too. Pop the top of the shifter cover off w/ a flathead screwdriver. You'll see a little circlip on top of the shifter button, pop that circlip off and remove the button. Once you remove the button you'll see a nut that will allow you to...
  9. Replaced brake light switch above pedal and now brake lights on permanently??

    Range Rover Classic
    Re: Replaced brake light switch above pedal and now brake lights on permanently?? Did you remember to reset the light? If I remember correctly, you just have to remove the jumper wire while it's blinking the code. The light reset has gotten the better of me more than I care to admit!
  10. hard brake pedal

    Range Rover Classic
    A firm brake pedal is very typical of a Range Rover, however it should be stopping the truck. Have you checked the pads and rotors? When was the last time the brake fluid was changed and bled? Next would be to check the calipers, are there any indications of leaks around the pistons and that...
  11. Could bad HT lead to ignition coil cause stalling?

    Range Rover Classic
    My 91 RRC will run pretty good, then after it warms up, it started idling roughly and stalling when stopped. I reset the base idle air gap and adjusted the idle per the Roversnorth instructions, however, after my test drive, it was stalling again as I pulled into the garage. I then notice some...
  12. At what angle will a RR roll at?

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Land Rover says side slopes of 35degrees but in reality it could probably do 40-45 pending conditions.
  13. Why93 sways

    Range Rover Classic
    The swaying is indicative of worn suspension bushings. The fuse box is talking about a rolling road, or the British term for a dyno meter.
  14. RRC Restoration

    Range Rover Classic
    Unfortunately, ECR doesn't do RRCs any more. D90/110 only. /:( If I ever win the lottery, I do plan to restore a RRC to showroom!
  15. Sirius Owners on MY 2010 RRS - Complimentary Service ???

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Another thing to watch out for if you get Sirius is their billing practices. They tried to charge me a $3 "invoice fee." I called to inquire exactly what an "invoice fee" was: RD: "What is an invoice fee?" Indian: "It covers the cost of processing, printing, and postage for your bill sir."...