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  • jboothmtnbkr ·
    Also, I was there on Friday checking out a 96 Disco to see if it had compatible parts. The door handles looked like mine and they all seemed to be in good shape. They were black too. I'm not sure when I'll get back there though but if I do, do you want me to recover all of them? Assuming it hasn't been crushed by then.
    jboothmtnbkr ·
    Hi Okie, I just saw your email to me about the door handles on the salvage vehicle. I actually did remove the rear passenger handle (driver side) to keep in my spare stash. The two front door handles were both trashed so I didn't bother with them. I can send you this one if you want it. It's all black if it makes a difference. I'm running a mixture of silver and black on my rig now.
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