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  • JMS001 ·

    When looking through all of the threads you appear to be the go-to wealth of knowledge when it comes to Range Rover Auto Transmissions. I realise that you are extremely busy so I will keep this brief.
    i have posted several threads on a recent Failsafe Fault that has occured on my 2004 TD6. The TCM Transmaission indicates Fault (0x4) Pressure Line Solenoid 4 : General Fault. I have been in contact with Patrick at GAP IID to obtain further clarification on exactly which Solenoid this Fault is associated with, but to no avail. (They think this may be a BMW ECU legacy?).
    As not able to pin point exactly which Solenoid, are you able to supply all 5 of the Solenoids, (gear shift solenoids A, B, C, as well as the Pressure Control and TC/Lock out Solenoids as I will probably opt to change them all out, just to be sure.
    If you are not able to supply can you point me in the right direction to where I can locate new Solenoids and do you have an idea of how much they cost?. Thanks Jon
    terrence9393 ·
    I need some help I have a 2004 Range Rover HSE and all of a sudden when I drive when the truck is warm it sounds like somebody is bumping into me when going to 1st gear and it is taking time to get to 1st gear. I also get the Trans Fail Safe code. Help, is it my Transfer Shift Motor or other things. Yes after that it drives fine when I get pass that issue.
    4x4lady ·
    Hi looking for some help. New to this forum. The headlights (dip beam) on my 2002 Range Rover L322 4.4 Vogue work fine, very bright to look at lights but I have got very little light on the road. Have had their levels checked found these to be out and have been re-aligned. But still I have so little light on the road making driving at night near impossible.

    Any idea what might need to be replaced to correct this?
    laspainc ·
    Hello, I have a 2003 HSE with 157.000 miles. At a cold start the truck will not go into drive. After it warms up it then will engage after a few minutes. Then if I leave it for a few hours the problem repeats. Once hot the transmission works fine. I have already changed a Shift Solenoid 2 when truck would not shift to second gear. I was wondering if there is a specific shift solenoid associated with drive. I have checked fluid level and it is good. I have read it could be the filter needs changing. I change filter and oil at 130,000 miles and pan was clear of any metals.
    I was thinking of changing all the solenoids if i have to change filter again but was hoping to change the one that is causing the shift issue at start.

    Please advice

    dirtwheelman ·
    I have a 2004 range rover hse that I just had the transmission rebuilt in after you drive it about 15 mins the hdc inactive,air suspension inactive,abs and brake light comes on.You can drive it in the manual mode all day long with no faults but as soon as you put it back in automatic mode all the faults come back on.Do you have any idea what could be going on?? Thanks Scott
    dirtwheelman ·
    Hello I was reading a post from rrphil and when I went to message rrphil it directed me to here.Im needingto ask some questions on a transmission in a 2004 hse range rover?
    remedyworld ·
    Hello Mike, can you direct me to where I can find the software and specifications for the L322 transmission controller. I'm looking to provide my mechanic with the necessary tools to resolve my transmission surging problem.
    Karl 569 ·
    Hi Mike wondered if i could be so bold as to pick your brains I am new to RR (2005 l322) ownership so not very knowledgeable on the subject.
    my RR central locking is not working the front passenger door seams deadlocked as is the rear boot the rear doors can be opened from the inside but not with key or central locking buttons on dash not sure if linked but rear washer wipers not working and the power steering is quite heavy would really appreciate some guidance kind regards Karl
    Monty720 ·
    Hi Mike,
    I was wondering if you are still making the smoked headlight side markers? If so are they still 110 a set
    Emmagc1974 ·
    HI Phil, LIke many others i am having the Trans Failsafe Prog warning come on. I am not a mechanic and really dont understand a lot of the "technical" jargon. I am based in Brisbane and the car has been to a Land Rover "specialist" (non dealer) who sent it to a Transmission specialist, they checked the transmission and said all good. It then went to an auto electrician, who changed Output Shaft Speed Sensor and wiring loom/harness? and also solenoids. I have had the car back and driven for 650kms with no problem then this morning the warning flashed up again, the car is driving fine. But I am at the end of my tether. It is a 2005 Range Rover SE 4.4Petrol. I phoned the independent LR garage and they said because the fault is intermittent it is really hard to diagnose, the fault was on my screen when I shut the car down. Please can you offer any advice (in simple terms) I am so over it!!!!! Thanks so much for any help you can offer.
    Gazz2983 ·
    Hi phil hope you don't mind me messaging u on here, I'm new to this site so wasn't sure wat was the best way to get in contact with u, I was reading one of you posts regarding a trans fail safe mode problem on a 2002 4.4 v8 vogue,I think I have the same problem I was driving home the other day done about 140 miles no problems then the trans fail safe poped up had to get home then message came up trans overheat, got back and obversly tran very hot, first thought was bottom section on rad failing, but not sure if it's more internal in tran, the next day drove car for about 4mins it jump out of 1st then when putting it into drive it get a thud, and back into fail safe mode, drove bk tran hot agian but I guess if it locks it in 4th gear it would get hot would be great full on your advice cheers gaz
    RRinQatar ·

    You're 5HP24 teardown was poetry.

    Here I am in Qatar, no tools, no workshop, and a "buggered"? L322 trans.

    You clearly understand this beast, and I will always defer to an expert, and I could really use some expert advice, and possibly your technical services??

    If you care to contact me: ssullivan at qac dot edu dot qa I would sincerely appreciate it

    I'm from Preston originally, but I'm more than willing to wave a white flag! :doh:

    ucyimthe1 ·
    I really like the way you did your RRS! I just brought an 06 Vesivius Orange model and would LOVE to put those Angel Eyes on mine like yours. Can you tell me if they are difficult to install? I will most likely take them to a professional but don't want them charging me an arm and a leg and most importantly breaking any mechanism in the headlight assy. Any advice you can give or how to install and where to get them would be great!

    James (in Miami)
    jjs1975 ·
    Hi, I saw you are the man when it comes to clear headlight side markers. I would like to get a set. Can you let me know if you still do them and how much the total would be with shipping to Switzerland. Thanks in advance for your time
    tssimms ·
    Hello Phil, I am in need of your advice .... in August 2007 my car was in an accident, I had it towed to Land Rover in Darien, CT and was told to bring it to their authorized repair shop, assessing the damages, I needed a new front end, wire-harness and tranny. after the repair shop had my car for approximately a year, I finally received my vehicle back, but as soon as I left their lot, I was receiving error messages (trans fail prog., trans fail safe neutral, air susp deactivated) so I took it back immediately and I was told that there's a bad solenoid and the wire-harness needs to adjust to the system, after a few weeks, I was still having the same issue and took it back, So, after i left I continue to feel the trans slipping and or when I go 40 mph or higher and try to slow down the tranny would make a loud sound and bucks, now I'm being told that the manufacturer will only cover the first trans not the second one. So, any suggestions?
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