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  • briang ·
    hello Dave.
    the TPs,Seems to be the cause of my problems, The one that was fitted was a after market one made in Italy, it had no Part number on it, so I got a OE one, made in Germany. fitted it, and so far,it's working fine. Was this the cause of all my problems?. I did'nt know what a TPS was, until now. If I had sold the car, and all it was, was the tps, I would not have been very happy, but I would never have found out. Specialist companies tell me, It needs a new gearbox,at £1,600.00 plus fitting, others say it needs a gearbox complete flush and oil change, at £200.00, thank god for the forum. Many Thanks, Brian.
    OffRover ·
    Dave, I have been trying on and off to remap my P38s. I have a 99 GEMS 4.0L Petrol and a 99 Callaway Edition 4.6L. I bouht a Superchips version for the 99 4.0 Petrol.

    Do you have a petrol chip? I would be willing to send you the GEMS PROMS of the Superchips tune in exchange for a copy of the petrol burn you have. Will share any data I can extrapolate from the comparisons of the stock and tune A and tune B.

    Please let me know. Would also like contact info of anyone else who tunes GEMS, including Ali.

    One proect I am working on is replaciing the narrowband O2 sensors with wideband sensors, and modelling an according fuel map.

    You can email me at [email protected]

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    briang ·
    Hi, Dave,
    Thanks for the reply, the reason for my question, I have a 2000 Vogue, the engine has been changed and has been replaced witha International 2.8 diesel. I have asked the company who carried out the conversion, if they replaced the gearbox ecu, however, they have no records, as it was over six years ago. I was wondering, is the ecu from a 300 tdi disco the same, because the international engine is simular to the 300tdi , I think they used the same gearbox as was fitted to the 4.6 vogue, however, the vogue used a petrol engine, so the ecu may be different. regrds Briang
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