Adjusting the P38 Handbrake / Parking Brake


The handbrake adjustment procedure on the Range Rover P38 is slightly different from most and the method is not obvious to the casual observer. Scott Kirn offered this quick instruction guide to the correct procedure.

Adjustment Procedure

1. Raise vehicle on four post lift (you DO have one of those in your garage, don't you?)
2. Ensure brake lever is released.
3. Raise one rear wheel clear of lift.
4. Tighten brake show adjusting bolt to 18 lb ft. Ensure brake drum is locked. (The bolt is right where the parking brake cable goes into the drum.)
5. Back off adjusting bolt by 1.5 turns. Check brake drum is free to rotate.
6. Parking brake should be fully operational on the third notch of ratchet.
7 To achieve this, release brake lever. From under vehicle, adjust length of outer cable. (This is where the cable enters the floorboards.)

Scot says he has adjusted the brake without putting it on a lift, but "I don't know how accurate it was. It worked though!"



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Page revised February 9, 2012