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Range Rover owners enjoy the finer aspects of life, and always seek the best solution to every problem. Their desire for the best is often misunderstood by owners of lesser off-road vehicles. This page is an attempt to pull together a selection of products and services that augment the Range Rover lifestyle. We do not expect owners of inferior vehicles to appreciate these items, but Range Rover owners will instantly identify with them as the most efficient solutions to the tasks at hand. Many providers of goods and services listed here are not only the best but are the most cost-effective available.

John Brabyn PhD, founder lounging on tour


The long journey to the trailhead is a pleasurable experience in a Range Rover. It's even more enjoyable and productive if you listen to a good book, podcast or music along the way. Books on Tape and CD and Amazon Digital Book Downloads. Amazon is an outstanding sources for thousands of titles on audio cassette and audio CD, including the latest bestsellers. is the Web's number one provider of premium spoken word digital audio. They offer instantly downloadable best selling audiobooks, recordings of newspapers and magazines, speeches, original comedy, and more. Audible's library of more than 18,000 titles has something for all Range Rover owners. You can search for the titles you want, download them and listen to them on devices such as your AudibleReady MP3 player, Apple iPod, Palm Handheld, Pocket PC, computer desktop or on CDs you burn yourself.


Hat World / offers the largest online inventory of college and professional sports hats, along with top brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, New Era, Kangol, and Zephyr headwear. They carry a vast assortment of college, MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL teams, as well as other specialty fashion categories all in the latest styles and colors.

Land Rover Gear is the genuine article -- Land Rover shirts, caps, models, luggage, signs, decals and more. All items are specially designed and approved by Land Rover to meet the highest standards of ruggedness and expedition quality. Starting this fall (2004), British Pacific is the exclusive independent supplier of these high quality accessories for the US. Their range includes items not even available through the US dealer network.

The Walking Company aims to be the ultimate resource for high quality walking gear. It is dedicated to bringing you the finest the world has to offer in technically-advanced comfort footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories. They have a full product range of high quality footwear from technical comfort to dress and casual comfort shoes, as well as a full line of accessories such as handbags, hats and other walking gear to enhance the walking experience.


Lenovo ThinkPads are the Range Rover of Notebook Computers. Oriented towards business owners who cannot afford to mess with the flaky bottom-end models used as loss leaders in the Sunday paper ads by stores, they are extremely competitive in terms of price but streets ahead in serious features, build quality, ruggedness and data security. Every review applauds the sturdy design and build, superb keyboard, class-leading user interface and in-computer instruction manual. The latest models incorporate such amazing features as fingerprint readers for security, and "airbag-like" technology for parking the disk drive heads and protecting the disk from damage when a physical shock is detected. The TrackPoint mouse pointer system keeps your fingers on the keyboard and makes the conventional touchpad seem like an awkward stone-age relic. A System Migration Assistant greatly eases the task of transferring your files and programs from another computer.


Sony is about as good as it gets in home electronics and theater. you can't go far wrong with their products. I have tested their monitors side by side with competitors in the store, and they always have the edge in image quality. I shot the Lake Lahontan Expedition video on a 3-chip Sony DV camcorder, and the results are superb. Definitely the Range Rover of TV and audio! Their direct "Sony Style" retail outlet accessed by the link herein (with both online and brick and mortar stores) is the best place to get Sony products, with discount pricing that is very hard to beat.

EXCERSIZE EQUIPMENT is the largest volume seller of quality exercise equipment on the Internet. They have been in the fitness equipment business for over 19 years and have been selling on the Internet for over 5 years. The company consists of 10 Web sites, 4 retail stores and 3 national warehouses. In addition, they also offer their EVO Fitness products through their network of dealers and specialty fitness stores. Their fitness equipment is backed with a 30-day, "No Questions Asked - Money Back Guarantee." They take the risk out of buying online. They offer nationwide service support with over 600 authorized service technicians, and have the most extensive warranties in the industry, including 10 years on treadmill motors and lifetime on home gyms.

EXPEDITIONS AND OFF ROAD TRAINING organizes off road expeditions and training specifically geared to late model Range Rover owners. Options include: 1 1/2 day courses with the first half day spent in intensive skill building and the second day on the trail. Extended family weekends, Industry peer retreats, Women only, One week Expeditions and Two Week Expeditions are all available options.


The Wall Street Journal is the most trusted source of daily business, financial and market information. They are now offering new US subscribers 70% off!

Investor's Business Daily is dedicated to empowering individual investors by providing the information, investing tools, and investment training they need to become highly successful in the stock market. With IBD, investors… Learn How to Make Money in Stocks. Learn How to Buy the Best Stocks. Learn How To Spot Emerging Leaders Before The Crowd. Learn How To Avoid The Most Common Investing Mistakes. Learn the 7 Traits of All Great Stocks!


Dan's Chocolates makes fresh gourmet chocolates using a combination of European and American ingredients. Their hand-made gourmet truffles feature fresh cream, fruits, and nuts for the most discerning chocolate connoisseur. Each petite truffle has a thin, delicate shell surrounding an interior of creamy chocolate or ganache. They offer their premium quality chocolates in over 200 different gift boxes for every occasion, lifestyle or event from Happy Birthday to Gardening. This adds a personal touch to the gift giving experience. They also donate a portion of every sale to one of their charitable partners, and have done so since their founding day.

The Flying Noodle has been selling gourmet pastas and sauces online since 1995. They have been featured on The Today Show (twice), The Food TV Network, Time Magazine, USA Today, Boston Globe, LA Times, Business Week and many other well- known publications. Aside from terrific products, they have excellent customer service and a fun, informative web-site. High-Technology

HOME DELIVERED GROCERIES makes it easy to get quality groceries, fresh produce, meat and seafood delivered to homes and businesses. Great for Range Rover Owners short on time or anyone that wants a quick and easy way to do the weekly grocery shopping. provides the same home delivery services.


Value Line is best known for The Value Line Investment Survey, the most widely used independent investment service in the world. The company now publishes more than a dozen print and electronic products utilized by more than half-a-million investors for timely information on stocks, mutual funds, special situations, options and convertibles.

Forbes Magazine - is widely acknowledged to be the best weekly business and financial magazine available. By subscribing through you can now save 77% and get a "Free Personal Investing Guide". Forbes also publishes Al Frank's

The Prudent Speculator -- helping investors find Value Stocks in any market. Ranked #1 by Hulbert Digest for 10, 15 and 20 years (including a return of 107% in 2003).

Dow Theory Forecasts is an investment newsletter which, since 1946, has been recommending market-beating stocks that do not involve undue risk. It has one of the nation's oldest and most respected performance records. For example, its "Focus List" of top recommendations for 12-month gains has handily outperformed the major stock market averages in both up and down markets.


The Sharper Image is the premiere supplier of new, technologically innovative, high-quality products that make life easier and more enjoyable -- including many proprietary products developed by the company's product development group (Sharper Image Design).


The Oregon Knife Shop features Victorinox Swiss Army Knives, Leatherman Tools, Zippo Lighters, Swiss-made Wenger Watches, Bear Hunting Knives etc, all at highly discounted prices. They have been selling online since 1998 and have thousands of satisfied customers, earning the Yahoo 5-Start Top Service Award every year of operation. Their site also features a proprietary Knife Finder Search Tool, and they offer a variety of other services such as personalized engraving.


UK: JD Williams, better value, better choice - 10% off first order Williams is the UK's leading direct home shopping company, operating over 20 successful catalogue brands, with over 2 million customers. Our websites offer a huge selection of clothing and other products for all ages and sizes. All our clothes are designed to provide the best fit at the best possible value, and we are specialists in the area of larger size womenswear. offers a unique price comparison service.

USA: is a leading e-commerce company focused on providing its customers with a positive shopping experience and a broad selection of high-quality technology and entertainment retail goods at competitive prices. We offer approximately 2 million products in a range of categories including: • Consumer electronics • Computer hardware and software • Books, DVD and Music CDs • Games and toys • Sporting goods • Music downloads • Cell phones

Home Shopping Network is a trusted source for numerous famous brands as well as their own thousands of high quality products. With over 25,000 products just a mouse click away, has become a highly successful extension of the TV shopping network HSN. This constantly evolving interactive site provides shoppers with unique features that have attracted growing numbers of customers since its launch in 1999. 

OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT is a customer service oriented site that offers the best in outdoor gear, information and adventure travel. Offers high performance brands, cutting-edge features and amazing adventure travel. Best of all, backs all purchases with a life-time satisfaction guaranteed policy. is dedicated to being "the best online retailer of the best built outdoor and backcountry gear on the planet". From the start, their founders were intent on selling quality gear over the Web. What they found was that if the content is good and the products of the finest quality, people will come. "If you’re as intense about your gear as you are about your adventures then you’re in the right store". This philosophy fits perfectly with the Range Rover attitude and lifestyle -- Range Rover owners want the best. That's what you'll find at

Bargain Outfitters is an amazing source for everything from camping equipment to outdoor clothing and military surplus. I was staggered by the breadth of their stock as well as the "bargain" pricing. Their goal is to provide you with top quality, name brand gear, clothing and footwear at the lowest possible prices -- often below dealer cost. They achieve this by having their buying staff scouring the world for overstocks, tail-end inventories, factory overruns and discontinued models that they then sell at tremendous discounts.

Eagle Optics has a staggering selection of binoculars and optical gear ranging from low cost binoculars to the finest Leica and Zeiss optics that can knock your socks off. They also offer a huge selection of monoculars, microscopes, opera glasses, multi-tools, and outdoor apparel. Their goal is to provide the best in customer service along with the finest optical equipment at substantial savings through their discount pricing.

Orvis is the premier name in outfitters for hunting and fishing -- their high standards in quality are a prefect match for the Range Rover Owner. Interestingly, Orvis is America's oldest mail order company and a sporting tradition since 1856. Their products include men's and women's apparel, fly fishing gear, hunting equipment, home furnishings, pet products and travel wear. is most famous for backpacks, but offers a wide range of other outdoor products also. They are committed to selling quality products at a competitive price with fast shipping, private/secure shopping and the best business ethics. is one of the largest outdoor sites on the web. Since 1957, The US Outdoor Store has specialized in high quality performance outdoor clothing and equipment. Some people say that the US Outdoor Store outerwear department is arguably the best in the United States! With free shipping, no sales tax, great customer service, unbeatable prices, and brand name products and they have one of the best shopping experiences in the outdoor sporting goods industry!


SIRIUS Satellite Radio is the premier Satellite Radio service and as such is the only logical choice for Range Rover Owners. It has more than 120 channels of 100% commercial-free music, world-class sports, news, talk and information. SIRIUS delivers content and quality that AM/FM radio doesn't have and can't offer from original programming to seeing the artist and song that is playing on the display feature.


Adagio Teas is the number one destination for tea online. Aside from a vast selection of teas, they have information and help about tea, as well as related gifts, bulletin boards, recommended tearooms, etc.

Peet's Coffee & Tea roast their 32 coffees daily by hand -- no bean is roasted til you order it. They also hand-select and blend more than 45 specialty teas from small, top-quality lots of fresh tea leaves. Buying online is really convenient whether for the usual small quantities or for getting your favorite coffee or tea blend by the pound -- in the case of tea this is usually not possible in stores.


The Wine Enthusiast is the ultimate wine cellar, wine accessories and unique gift guide, in business for over 20 years. Their product range is immense, including cellars, racks and cooling systems, glassware, serving accessories, corkscrews, home decor, gourmet gifts, fine foods, wine guides, picnic sets suitable for Range Rovers (see photo at right), and a whole wine library. A 30 day satisfaction guarantee is just one of the ways this long-established vendor retains its loyal customers. is the UK's leading home delivery wine specialist, and is its US counterpart.  They are the No. 1 independent wine specialist in everything from award winning wines to wine tasting accessories. With their 30 years of expertise dedicated to finding the best wines from around the world, Laithwaites pride themselves on wines of quality and above all, character. The online store offers award winning, quality wines from around the world, mixed wine cases, accessories, special online promotions, expert's recommendations and much more. Laithwaites award winning customer service offers advice on everything from which wines to buy, to foods that will compliment each bottle and with 90% of all deliveries reaching their destination within one week, you can rest assured there is no better place to find the finest wines and expert knowledge. is the online home of Beverages & More, California's largest wine, spirits & beer retailer, offering great prices, a huge selection, and free advice and taste ratings. They have 3,000 wines in stock, at steeply discounted prices.