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OUR GOALS AND PHILOSOPHY is an all volunteer effort dedicated to providing Range Rover enthusiasts, owners and prospective purchasers throughout the world with practical buying, ownership, maintenance and repair information on all models of Range Rovers in a condensed and organized format. As such, has become a fraternity of friends who embrace, live and understand the Range Rover lifestyle that is so often misunderstood by owners of lesser vehicles. The Range Rover owner wants the best possible off road performance combined with the best possible on pavement comforts, a breadth of capability that only a Range Rover can provide. We cater to these tastes while providing information to both hands on owners who enjoy repairing their own Range Rovers, and owners who would prefer to have a qualified repair facility care for their vehicle.


In 1997 was started as an experiment to provide our founder with more knowledge of the fledgling internet and to better understand the challenges blind people have accessing it. By focusing exclusively on Range Rovers, aspired to fill a void. We dealt unashamedly with comfort, technology and performance. We compiled pages of information about the abilities of Range Rovers, as well as their unique issues and how to address them, all based on our personal experience. Our pages were soon augmented by contributions from numerous enthusiasts helping to rapidly became popular beyond all expectations. If you would like to see how our sites look has changed over the years look at our Site History Page.


To handle the flood of technical inquiries to our forums were added in 2004 as a more efficient way to gather and disseminate information. The forums are an upbeat and collegial way to share real world experience with fellow enthusiasts in the real time environment of the web. Range Rover enthusiasts from every corner of the globe join our forums becoming part of the most popular meeting place on the web for Range Rover hopefuls, aficionados and devotees of all stripes.


The steadily growing phenomenon now known world wide as began with the personal inspiration of one person, our founder, John Brabyn.  Our volumes of technical and research pages emerged from the hard work and experience of a handful of hobbyists sharing an email list. Our forums, with a participating membership of over 10,000 individuals, sprang forth from less than 125 members in 2004.  Where we only had 86 threads that first year we now have in excess of 39,000 active topics with over 340,000 indexed and searchable postings. In 2011 joined the family providing greater exposure for the philosophy. encompasses 300 auto forums and websites gaining 5000 new member registrations daily.  With 35 million auto enthusiasts visiting the sites every day we have a staggering 145 million page views each month. This collaboration brings about an exciting new chapter for on a scale previously unimaginable.


SUBMISSIONS would not exist and could not continue to grow without the hard work and real world experience of our members, sponsors and dedicated enthusiasts like yourself.  Through the submissions of how-to directions and helpful photographs we are able to provide information and assistance available exclusively on If you have taken on maintenance, made a repair or upgraded your Range Rover please consider emailing us for details on inclusion in our pages.


Over 10,000 unique visitors every day come here for information about Range Rovers. This results in well over one million page views each month. However, this website has no connection with Land Rover or its parent company, Tata Motors. This site provides independent commentary and assistance to enthusiasts from the owner's perspective. We want to keep it that way, and avoid having huge flashing banners and pop-up windows cluttering your screen. However, maintaining this website, and answering the flood of inquiries it generates about Range Rovers and related products, takes time and money even with our team of volunteers.

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