Established 2004





ABOUT OUR FOUNDER was founded by John Brabyn PhD, a true Range Rover enthusiast, rancher and engineer from New Zealand living in the United States. He has therefore tried to impart his worldwide perspective on the Range Rover scene. He has owned each successive model of Range Rover through the Mark III/L322 model as it has come out, and has been one of the first to subject each model to real-world off road adventuring, as opposed to the carefully controlled conditions of the manufacturer test courses.  As a result, each of his Range Rovers has had the distinction of having, at the time of its sale, "never been on road".


John Brabyn PhD, founder. Photo by Jocelyn Brabyn.


As an engineer, John appreciates the mechanical innovation that has been the hallmark of each successive new Range Rover model, placing it miles ahead of the competition both on and off road. He has observed with some amusement the gradual conversion of the Series Land Rover contingent to Range Rover ownership after years of making fun of the superior model. He has also enjoyed witnessing the slavish copying of each successive Range Rover suspension and drivetrain innovation by Jeep, Toyota and others, albeit years later and after much poo-pooing by the other brands' enthusiasts of the technology employed.

John is also often amused by Land Rover's latest imaginative excuses for its record low rankings in build quality and reliability. Ironically, Land Rovers are often last in reliability but among the first in buyer satisfaction. As an engineer he also understands the difficulty of building autos that work reliably, and is willing to forgive a lot if the vehicle is otherwise worthwhile. To him, the Range Rover is unquestionably the most worthwhile of all vehicles.

AT HOME ON THE FARM founder John Brabyn lives at Salmon Creek Ranch, a 400 acre working farm north of San Francisco, famous for its exclusive organic, pasture-raised Muscovy Duckling, organic duck eggs, organic Bay Laurel honey, and natural, pasture-raised goat meat. The ranch's access, logging roads and breathtaking scenery have been the venue for private, environmentally sensitive Land Rover customer training seminars and the 1999 Land Rover Trek, in which dealer teams from across the US participated. The location includes secluded camping areas and redwood groves.