Went shopping this morning and............... there are no little hooks in the boot like the big RR, the S2 Disco and the Freelander had for the luggage nets. This means I cannot rig my exFreelander luggage netting across the boot to put carrier bags in to stop them sliding round, and there are no other hooks in the boot at all to hook carrier bag handles onto................ There are 4 chromed clips on the boot floor for securing lumps in the boot, nothing else.
There were at least 4 in the boot of the big RR................. serious omission that one in a car where due to your driving technique things are likely to move round in the boot (a bottle of bleach fell over on the way home..... fortunately the cap was well screwed down and it was extra wrapped in a carrier bag) Looks like a visit to B&Q for some sticky backed hooks is coming up, otherwise I'm going to have to buy a rubber boot liner/mat to stop things sliding round. For the time being will "line" the boot with the old footwell mats from my long departed MG Metro and Freelander!

Also have twice set off the alarm by not SLAMMING the full tailgate closed, just letting fall by it's own weight and letting it click on the latches isn't enough to close it fully.......... never did that in the RR or the Freelander!