Large (20" +) Wheels on Diesel RRS, RR vs X5 offsets
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Thread: Large (20" +) Wheels on Diesel RRS, RR vs X5 offsets

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    Large (20" +) Wheels on Diesel RRS, RR vs X5 offsets

    I read elsewhere that a RR Sport TDV6 customer was declined by his dealer when he asked to buy the 20" Supercharger wheels. I am also aware that 19" is the largest wheel available on the full size RR and that Land Rover cite "vibration issues" as the reason. At the same time companies like Overfinch and Kahn are happy to fit 22" rims to Diesel RRs and RR Sports. Can anyone explain or elaborate on this vibration thing. The Director of Kahn Design assures me that he is currently driving around in a RR Sport TDV6 on 22s without any problem.

    ALSO during an interesting conversation I happened to mention that I had a quote for fitting some 22" Kahns from a company in the south of England at which point Kahns said that they are probably quoting for wheels intended for the X5 which physically fit but have the incorrect offset (apparently ET40). Indeed at the time of writing they don't wholesale their RR offset wheels to other dealers. I'm not sure of the exact implications but anyone thinking of going the larger wheel route needs to be sure they're getting ones with the correct offset (ET55). I see no reason why they would make this up since I was planning on their wheels anyway albeit from one of their dealers.
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    Can't speak for the Sport but if you do a search on the L322 forum for 22" wheels or similar you'll get the jist.

    However from what Tim was saying, there are no vibration issues with the TDV6 and big wheels?

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    TooDeep I'm the Tim who made the posting about 20" wheels on RR Sport, the problem isn't vibration, it is lack of availablity as optional equipment at the moment.

    The vibe problem on TD6's with Ultra Low Profile tyres on wider wheels is because of the vibration of the diesel engine being transmitted through the sidewall of the tyres. The 18 and 19" tyres fitted to TD6's are much stiffer and higher section than the tyres on 20-22" wheels. The vibration on larger wheels with low profile tyres is because the vibrations get "absorbed" by the sidewall of the higher profile 18-19" tyres, effectively cancelling them. The warranty item was because at the time these vibes were reported there was a spate of exploding front differentials......2+2 got put together and made 5! Apparrently you have to be really sesnitve to vibes to notice it and then it is only apparent when the engine is idling in standing traffic.
    Aero would be the one to ask as he has driven TD6's with standard and HUGE tyres/Wheels
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