I am getting U2002 fault code and park brake warnings are all on. If anyone has any other places or things to check please add your input. Here is where i am at. I have traced all the wiring from the switch to the park brake module and I have continuity with no shorts, I have the 2 grounds on the module. I have checked all the wiring at the left rear connectors and all looks good, no corrosion or breaks in the wires that i can find. What i am looking for is the wiring diagram for the power circuit. I have looked through the manuals and can not find the park brake circuit wiring in there. (I think i have all the manuals downloaded) I have not replaced the switch(I am going to try the one out of the other sport) but i did pull it apart and it looks good (no broken solder joints, burnt spots, corrosion or moisture ingress...)