Sport 2009 starting Engine - problem
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Thread: Sport 2009 starting Engine - problem

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    May 19th, 2019

    Sport 2009 starting Engine - problem

    Hi Everyone,

    I am new to the forum, and I bought a second hand 2009 couple months ago, March 2019,
    I have a random problem, with starting the car....I said random because I thought it was the battery
    and bought a new Bosch one to eliminate the problem and from 92 to 95 Amp, thought the car needed a stronger
    battery...ever since still car won´t start , taking it twice to the people who I bought battery from it is a bosch
    garage they seem to be ok...they have showed me how there is no current drawn from the battery as the car is switch off and the consumption dies out slowly, because may I left something on like air con, or radio etc et..

    Last time I have been to that garage they showed again there is nothing in the car that is on and consuming the battery, ok drove for a whole week again etc etc no problem, Last Friday 17th May 2019 drove the car ok but yesterday Saturday I wanted to wash it, so I switched on and took outside garage couple meters. before I started
    decide to adjust the nav and put couple of favorite places...switched car off making sure nothing was left on and
    started to wash door all of then at one time to clean the edges..once dried..may 30 minutes later try to switch it on and I could not switch on the car...craking noise but a lot of lights came on the board and I could hear small fan on, also the rattling-noise I can not stop but it goes within few seconds and the hazard light come on on the dash board before it switch it off...any ideas of what could do I eliminate if it is the starter itself....thank you
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    October 24th, 2009

    Re: Sport 2009 starting Engine - problem


    You have posted this in the Range Rover Classic forum, which is the model produced in 1995 and before. You might get a better response in the Range Rover Sport forum

    What you are describing still sounds like the battery to me. It is possible for a battery to show 14.2v but not have enough CCA to turn over the engine. Or a dead cell might be the case. When it doesn't want to start, can you jump start it?

    It's also possible that something is getting wet that isn't supposed to. On one of my wife's old cars, any time it rained the dash lit up and random electronic things would stop working. Once the car dried out it was fine again.

    Maybe have another shop look at the battery - that seems like the most obvious place to me.
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