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Thread: Clunk when putting in Gear . D and R

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    Clunk or no clunk
    I love my Rover
    im an american i dont speak english

    91 is now parts

    92 lse... not a bucket of rust

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    Re: Clunk when putting in Gear . D and R

    Quote Originally Posted by nkivett View Post
    Thanks Tony, If its just joints, not a big problem right?
    oh no not at all. Clunking when shifting out of park into reverse or past neutral to drive usually indicates worn Ujoints. If you haven't been greasing them at every oil change they are most like getting dry and the needle bearings are being destroyed. Metal on metal in at any point in either drive line is dangerous. If the Ujoint at the transfer case fails you will drop the back end of the front drive line to the road surface. Keepin mind it is still spinning in relation to the speed being driven when the Ujoint failed. It has the ability to bounce upward and pierce the floor board or while it is flopping and bouncing around it can easily damage fuel lines and/or brake lines. I point out the Ujoint at the front of the transfer case as being a failure point because it is usually the one that wears out first.
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    Re: Clunk when putting in Gear . D and R

    In addition to the above, you have to check the joints with wheels blocked and park brake off, plus gearbox in neutral else the joints will be loaded and you may not detect play in them.

    Routinely I shift from D to R and from N with Park brake applied. It just stops any driveline shunt going through the whole system, just more gentle long term.

    Also (as with most road orientated auto trans) the torque converter stall speed is more or less at the ecu tickover set point. If it can't maintain that rpm then any increase already gas torque loading going into the gearbox sufficient that driveline torque reversal wacks the whole system.

    In addition to that, put air-con switch on and it'll raise rpm at idle (crude anti-stall) that will also promote that above scenario.

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    Re: Clunk when putting in Gear . D and R

    My 84 with the 3 speed auto (Chrystler Torqueflite 737) has the gear driven transferbox (LT230 up to 1985?), unlike the later models with the chain drive. From what I understand the natural play in the transferbox gears contributes significantly to the clunk. This is an issue with the autobox which applies constant torque to the output shaft compared to manual gearbox where you offload with the clutch.

    I tried the handbrake trick as suggested by RRLondon, but makes no real difference. Still not used to it but I can live with it no problem.

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    Re: Clunk when putting in Gear . D and R

    I do still have the felling of a soft jerk when the slop in the transmission is taken up. But the very audible (especially in a car park) clunk has definitely disappeared. Makes the engine feel smoother too which is not entirely unexpected. Just suggesting it as a nice side effect of changing the engine and gearbox mounts however one must also note I have a sample size of one.

    I'm going for soft and wafty drive so all these add to the feeling.

    Just need softer air springs next...

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