Rattling/Ticking noise during highway driving
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Thread: Rattling/Ticking noise during highway driving

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    FRESHMAN ROVER BlackSpeed66's Avatar
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    January 4th, 2017
    NE Ohio

    Rattling/Ticking noise during highway driving

    I’ve had my truck for about a year and a half now – currently with 165k miles on the clock. While driving highway speeds (60-70mph for example), I’ve noticed a sort of rattling/ticking noise that occurs when I happen to be ‘feathering’ the throttle. It does not appear to be present when driving around town, or at idle. During full deceleration, or hard acceleration, it does not seem to make the noise either. I’ve been unable to establish if it is temperature dependent. Also difficult to tell if it is actually coming from the engine, as the only time I can hear it is when I’m on the highway. From my readings through searching the site, I’ve written off the transfer case chain for the time being, as the sound does not appear to be 'substantial' enough. With low to moderate volume on the radio, I can pretty much drown the noise out. I would like to do some more investigation to see if possibly the flex plate is beginning to fail. Following that – possibly an exhaust issue? I am leaning more towards a possible driveline noise as it seems to manifest itself when the revs are above 2500 and when the throttle is being ‘feathered’ and thus a sort of ‘shifting’ load on the engine and/or driveline. Currently the engine is running/idling fine with no odd warning lights or trouble codes. I am considering removing the access cover on the bottom of the trans to try and peek around the flexplate area. Or, if this is in fact normal operation – the peace of mind that nothing is going to self-destruct in the immediate future! Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated!

    '02 Range Rover 4.6 HSE
    '87 325is (s52'd)
    '95 525iT

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    SOPHOMORE ROVER xrav22's Avatar
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    December 15th, 2014
    Southern Ca.

    Re: Rattling/Ticking noise during highway driving

    Check the ujoints I had the same thing before. Drop one side of each shaft to check otherwise they are bound and will seem fine. Then move on from there.
    I have went thru several brands finding moog have been pretty good so far.
    Good Luck
    1997 Range Rover 4.6 HSE
    1985 Chevy Corvette 5.7 TPI
    Nano Evolution II(fixes=paid for itself)
    4x SrS reset with nano
    P0183 changed fuel temp sensor OK
    P1179 cleaned maf with maf cleaner OK
    P1314 reset CEL OK (was going thru large puddles when CEL went on).
    Service Engine reset/Adaptive values reset

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    SENIOR ROVER Bolt's Avatar
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    September 6th, 2012
    At large on the US West Coast

    Re: Rattling/Ticking noise during highway driving

    +1 on U joints!
    The beasts seem to eat them. (if not serviced regularly)
    +1 on Moog as well.....
    Grease them every time the oil is changed.
    1952 Austin Champ (Hawaii)
    1953 Austin Champ (Australia)
    1985 Classic w/ Tdi300 (Australia)
    2002 4.6 HSE, White "Bolt" Hawaii Daily driver. Now the "Boat Car" here on the West Coast
    2002 4.6 HSE Borrego Yellow "Digby" Wife has absconded with Borrego as the Dog Taxi

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