Mysterious radio fault
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Thread: Mysterious radio fault

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    February 11th, 2019

    Mysterious radio fault

    Hello all,

    Before posting this thread I did a search for this issue and found no satisfactory answer for my specific age of Range Rover, 1997 HSE.

    I had the battery disconnected over the weekend to fix the steering wheel airbag coupler and when reconnecting the battery, I needed to input the radio code which worked fine.

    This morning however the radio decided to emit only static on the FM mode which was followed by the subwoofer making an audible pop like some home cinema ones do when they are powered on. After the subwoofer pop the radio screen went dim and no sound was produced at all on any mode. Doing the time tested tradition of turning the radio on and off, the screen stayed dim and no sound was emitted. I parked up for the day and did some lunchtime research on this: subwoofer amp fault, blown fuse, BeCM gone haywire etc. which made me think yet more money going into the car. I came back this evening and decided to record turning the radio on as it's easier to see and hear what is happening. I hope the following link works.

    If you can't see it, the radio turns on and the screen stays dim and only a low crackle is emitted. Then all of a sudden the subwoofer makes the pop and the screen lights up and the CD in changer can be heard. I switch to radio but it is silent still. So my question is, how do I narrow down the fault? I read the Clarion head units are prone to dying but aftermarket replacements are not easy to do and a replacement head may not even solve the issue. I am pretty sure the door and sub amps are working but not sure how to test them in isolation without taking apart the door trims. Lastly could it be the FM/AM receiver in the right hand side boot trim going wrong?

    If anyone has seen similar or had this issue before? Thanks in advance.

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    October 17th, 2017
    East England

    Re: Mysterious radio fault

    It sounds as though you have a problem with the power switching in the head unit itself or a partial short circuit somewhere that is drawing power initially causing the dim display and no sound. From your other post, I suspect you are in the UK (mention of £) so your best bet will be to have a chat with Clarion ( They still support these older units and will repair them if a repair is possible. I've sent two units to them recently, one completely dead and one with no sound from one channel, both have been returned in full working order and with a line in added too.
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    February 11th, 2019

    Re: Mysterious radio fault

    I suspected as much it was the head over the amp, it appears to working as normal right now but tempted to send to them anyway to get the line in installed. Thanks for the link too.

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    May 28th, 2018
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    Re: Mysterious radio fault

    or fit an after market unit and get DAB/ USB/ Bluetooth etc No point trying to resurrect the old system IMHO just an extra adaptor harness and you're done, there's enough points of failure on a P38 without one more. You can always keep the old HU in a box for old time's sake
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