2000 P38 Engine noise *help* please
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Thread: 2000 P38 Engine noise *help* please

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    July 30th, 2018
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    2000 P38 Engine noise *help* please

    Hello, I have posted before about my Range and it has a loud, excessive noise from passenger side of engine. I took it to a local mechanic who diagnosed it as exhaust manifold, and to the Land Rover dealer and they said it was head gasket. I took a video of the noise in hopes someone has had a similar issue and can help me with a definite answer. Thank you all. https://youtu.be/KqYU97--HQI
    2000 Range Rover 4.6L HSE
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    Given you have to remove the manifold to remove the head, it would seem that removing the exhaust would be a sound first step. You could also do a compression test on the cylinders in that area, that will soon spot a blown head gasket.

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    Re: 2000 P38 Engine noise *help* please

    Sounds like you have an exhaust leak. I would remove the heatshield from exhaust, and run my hand near it. Careful not to burn your skin. Sometimes (not always) you can feel the hot exhaust gases coming out. Or you could replace the exhaust manifold gasket. If the issue persists after the replacement, it's the head gasket.

    Your truck has SAI (Secondary air injection), you will need some unusual tools to do that job, because you will be removing the SAI. Which, by the way, could also be the source of your exhaust leak. I remove SAI using a thin wrench (18mm IIRC) and a pretty large crowfoot. If the fasteners refuse to cooperate heat them up with a pencil-sized butane torch. Use brute force only as last resort.

    If you have to do the head gaskets, do the studs instead of the TTY (torque-to-yield) bolts. I don't have ironclad proof, but IMHO TTY bolts contribute to block cracking problems. ARP studs are not all that expensive, compared to a replacement block.

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    Re: 2000 P38 Engine noise *help* please

    You've asked before and been given the answers (https://www.rangerovers.net/forum/7-...ket-issue.html), so why are you asking again rather than having fixed it?
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