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Thread: those pesky o rings

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    May 10th, 2016
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    Re: those pesky o rings

    I replaced the ones in my 2000 last summer using Viton O rings and no lubricant. They were leaking and I needed to get the heater working for winter. Had a bypass hose in place over the summer. I could not get the original screw out and had to cut a hole in the side of the plastic center consul underneath the side cover in order to drill off head with a 12 inch drill bit. After I got the assembly out I had to put it in my vice and use a Vise Grip to turn out the remainder of the screw as it was so rusted in place. The old O rings were brittle as chalk, probably 18 years old. I used fresh water to test and had a leak. Discovered I had not lined up the pipes correctly before tightening the socket head screw that I used. Realigned so that the pipes went in straight and have not had a leak since then. I have a heater core from a parts car and it seems well made to me so I would not be inclined to replace it offhand as I don't think it is that easy to get out.

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    May 28th, 2018
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    RHD. Turns out the last guy in had put silicone sealant around the rings, other than that the rings were OK, so I guess the silicone seal ruptured when I did the head gasket/ replaced the hoses. I didn't have to cut any ducting, but did forcibly move some, after removing the instrument panel with the speedo. I also gave myself a couple of nice holes to put my tools through. Filled with water to test. Tnx all for your advice
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    October 17th, 2017
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    Re: those pesky o rings

    I've found that when they only have a slight leak, the rings are usually still in one piece just squashed into a square section and fairly hard. When the leak is worse, then they are so hard they are in pieces.
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    September 29th, 2015
    LHD, Mine was spewing coolant all over, carpet soaked, foam core soaked. O-rings were original and completely disintegrated.

    That was over 3 years ago...and now with many, many rough off road miles later she’s still 100% leak free.

    With the help of a 3 foot long screwdriver and the radio removed for access. It only took about an hour start to finish..oh yeah and I used the coolant dripping out of the heatercore as lube..
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    August 26th, 2017
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    Re: those pesky o rings

    Quote Originally Posted by romanrob View Post
    I'll be doing the o rings on the heater matrix in the next few days... quick show of hands from those who have done it (and not sprung a leak since !!) - did you just dip the o rings in coolant as per rave, or was anyone tempted to use rtv/ silicone/ something else as well?
    Hi Rob, used coolant, since it is a slippery mess after they leak anyway. worked fine, no leaks for the last 2 years now.
    Somebody put a really handy video on youtube with pointers on how to get access, including the circular hole and a very long plus driver. worked like a charm..

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