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Thread: Tailgate wont open

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    March 18th, 2012
    Long Island, NY

    Re: Tailgate wont open

    Thanks for the great reply. I finally had the chance to explore the problem and found that the problem was a sticky liftgate latch. When closing the tailgate without then closing the liftgate, the tailgate reopened with ease. However, the tailgate would fail to open after the liftgate was closed. It turned out that the liftgate latch would not entirely release, which was hanging up the tailgate latch. A touch of lube and now it all works fine.

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    June 13th, 2016

    Re: Tailgate wont open

    Thanks for the thread, problem solved without even raising the question... One small trick for other parts of the World like us, where we have LHD Rovers, the micro-switch is still inside the Right Front Door...

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    June 4th, 2018

    Re: Tailgate wont open

    If you press your exterior tailgate release button and it doesnt open try the following:

    1.Climb into load space area and locate the three plastic screws at bottom of tailgate which are holding the tailgate carpeting in place. (This is a very awkward task due to a plastic trim flap that is partially covering them when lift gate is closed).
    2. You will need to remove this carpeted panel from tailgate by prying it from one of the top corners. Takes a bit of effort to do.
    3. Once carpeted panel is removed there is a locking mechanism in the center which by moving one of the levers will release the lift gate. You will be able to release the tailgate by moving one of the other levers in sight. I did a trial and error here on the latche release levers with no ill effect but I’m sure the exact procedure is located on the web or RAVE.
    4. Get a multi meter and test to see if power is getting to the tailgate release button. If you are then go to step 5. If not, then this troubleshooting is not for you.
    5. As you stand at rear of vehicle facing forward, on the left side of tailgate you will see the latch actuator. In the center you will find the latching mechanism. Locate the rod running from the actuator to the center latching mechanism. The rod from actuator to latching mechanism will need to be disconnected at the latch. There is a black plastic fitting that can be unclipped just by lifting it with a flat head screw driver. Lift the rod from the latch.
    6. Unscrew the 3 Phillips screws holding the actuator in place and slide the actuator and rod out.
    7. Disconnect the multiplug from actuator. After about 3 minutes put the plug back in and press the tailgate button. I found when I did this that the actuator worked so I knew the issue was with the actuator. Mine worked for three presses of tailgate button then stopped again. I pulled plug and let sit then reset plug and worked again. At this stage I surmised that it was a binding issue.
    8. Remove the two torx screws holding the metal plate to the actuator.
    9. Remove the 4 Phillips screws holding actuator together
    10. Peel back rubber shroud from actuator rod and separate the two sides of actuator.
    11. Apply white grease to the gears and drive shaft then reassemble.
    12. Screw the 4 Phillips screws back and test

    Seems that if there is a binding in mechanism that the motor will lock out and once you fix the binding the issue is resolved. The interior of my actuator had dried white grease on its gears and once regreased has been working for months. Hardest part is removing the carpeted panel.

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    June 7th, 2019
    When I press the hatch release button, the hatch lock releases but the hatch does not go up? I can open the hatch manually once the lock releases and it closes normally by just pushing the button. Occasionally it all works normally, but most of the time I have to lift the hatch manually. It may just be a failing lift actuator but I’d like troubleshoot further before purchasing a new actuator. 2014 Range Rover Evoque Pure Premium

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