L322 wheel alignment on 2012 model. The advice i get varies?
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Thread: L322 wheel alignment on 2012 model. The advice i get varies?

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    May 14th, 2018

    L322 wheel alignment on 2012 model. The advice i get varies?

    Hi does anyone know if you have to get the car into service mode to do this or can any garage do this without the LR computer set up? It seems the rear wheels on mine are OK but the front need attention. A tyre supplier / fitter has said this but they are not land Rover main dealers.
    Grateful if this applies to my model?

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    Re: L322 wheel alignment on 2012 model. The advice i get var

    It's supposed to be done by someone with Land Rover computer. What happens is they put the suspension in "tight tolerance" mode. My GAP IIDTool allows you to do that.

    So more or less, the suspension, sitting at regular ride height, not off-road or access mode, has a tolerance of say 10mm or 20mm before it adjusts any of the 4 air bags. So it would be *possible* for them to don't he alignment with say front left sitting higher than normal and rear right sitting lower than normal, which would give you a slightly off alignment.

    In tight tolerance, the suspension keeps all 4 corners within say 5mm, so sitting perfectly level.

    So it is better to do it with the proper software.

    Your supposed to set tight tolerance, then lift it to off-road and move forwards several feet and then reverse several feet to allow it all to settle properly, then put it to regular height and roll back and forth the same way, then pull it onto the alignment rack and attach the sensors and do the alignment.

    That's my best explanation for how it's supposed to be done.

    I get my buddy to don't he alignment with me and I set tight tolerance with my IIDTool and roll it back and forth like I said, park it on the ramp and then measure all 4 corners center of rim to fender to make sure it's sitting perfect.

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