I had an intermittent starting fault with my 2007 L322 a couple of weeks ago . Initially swapped out the starter motor as I thought the solenoid had gone , also swapped out the alternators at the same time as it looked like the original one . Seemed to work as it started first time but now I have the same problem again. Have traced it back to no power getting to the starter / trigger wire on the starter motor when ignition turned on . So i am guessing its the Starter Relay ?

After wrestling with the box behind the battery and losing lots of skin managed to get the cover off the box , as described in the manual and there are no relays behind there , only a Siemens ECU unit, also opened the main ECU box on the drivers side of the engine bay and no sign of relays in there , only more ECU's

Where is the starter relay , am i missing it or being blind ?

Its a 2006 TD6 Vogue SE

Help ?

Thanks Al