M62 4.4 Camshaft Position Sensor
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Thread: M62 4.4 Camshaft Position Sensor

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    July 24th, 2018

    Question M62 4.4 Camshaft Position Sensor

    I've bought two CPS (BBR Automotive Germany) to replace the current CPS of my RR.
    It's an easy job to do at home?
    Is there a guideon how to proceed?
    After replacing the sensors there is clean code needed?

    M62 4.4 Camshaft Position Sensor-120403_x600.jpg

    I found this guide for a BMW 540i E39: http://www.bmwtips.com/tipsntricks/c...eplacement.htm

    It seems necessary to remove the MAF assembly? what are the cautions?
    L322 RR Vogue 2004 4.4L V8 Petrol engine

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    May 21st, 2017

    Re: M62 4.4 Camshaft Position Sensor

    In the sticky section you will find a link for RAVE. Download it - all the information for your repair and all repairs is there.

    Otherwise pop the hood and take a look. They are located on the upper timing cover, one on each side. I think you might be able to remove them without removing anything. Don't recall if they are torx, allen or 10mm - one on each unit. Just don't tighten them too much or you may crack the plastic or strip the timing cover. Did the new units come with an o-ring? Should be a 20 minute job tops if you have to move some plumbing, otherwise 5 minutes. As to codes I am not sure, but I would imagine they should self clear if the problem is fixed.

    Why are you changing them? You may have a timing issue or failing timing guides. What is mileage?

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    July 24th, 2018

    Re: M62 4.4 Camshaft Position Sensor

    Job succesfully done!

    The symptoms were rattle while accelerating and vibrations...

    Causes: missfire in the 8th cylinder, Bank #2 CPS Sensor shot down.

    The previous owner doesn't took care of the truck the last years. I've changed the spark plugs also, it had Champion sparkplugs made in france, now it has NGK made in japan. Contitech new belts on too.

    The engine runs smooth now although a little vanos trouble.
    L322 RR Vogue 2004 4.4L V8 Petrol engine

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