Hi guys so I just bought a used 06 hse with 104k on the clock for only 2k! As excited as I want to be I am thoroughly confused with some of the issues this truck has so for starters the AC does not blow cold it's not blowing hot, just not cold, checked the freon levels both running and off and all was normal according to the gauges although I have read these systems run alot differently than most "normal" cars. I have also read that it is uncommon for the compressors in these trucks to fail and the problem usually lies elsewhere. Also the rear vents are not blowing at all I just checked both fuse panels in the glove box and the rear cargo space I did not find any blown fuses although I only checked by sight because my tester is almost dead I did check the rear relays and did not find anything was inoperable although it still could be faulty. Lastly I am getting several warning lights low coolant, low brake, check fog lights, side lights, tire pressure etc I have already changed the battery because the guy I bought this truck from had a tiny battery In it about half the size of what it needs. At this point I'm thinking the most likely culprit is the alternator as I have read that a diode In the alternator is common to fail and under function I loaned out my multimeter so I can't check at the moment but will In the following days. All I've done for the time being is remove the negative cable while the vehicle is running and turned on every accessory I could think of with no issues I didn't even notice the rpms falling at all. I usually work on carbureted motors and older things with a few exceptions so as you can imagine I am extremely lost any help would be much appreciated!