Hello, newbie with Logic 7 issues, and instrument panel :)
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Thread: Hello, newbie with Logic 7 issues, and instrument panel :)

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    FRESHMAN ROVER esresto's Avatar
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    November 1st, 2018

    Hello, newbie with Logic 7 issues, and instrument panel :)

    Hello all. I'm new to RR but owned an awesome 99 Discovery for 6 years we put over 130K miles on after we bought from original owner. Did all that with only 4 minor repairs!! Only sold her because after 3 attempts and even a local "best of" shop high bill, we could never get sunroofs to stop leaking and my wife got tired of being deluged with buckets of water when she turned corners.

    Anyways, bought an 04 one owner RR last week out of Florida. Car faxed it and had a good service history, 97ishK miles, stayed in Georgia whole life until a deal in FL got it and sold to me. I did not see in person, saw pics, and a video.. Mostly happy, though seat wear and some interior panel scratching didn't show on photos, nor did they tell me the lcd was going out or sound system had issues.

    So to get to the point:

    It has the MRK3 navi, stock audio head unit, HK sound system, logic 7. My front speakers work, but my rear passenger door ones sound either staticky or low, and can't hear anything coming from cargo area. Definitely don't feel any thump of bass and when adjust radio to full bass, don't feel a sub working. This is pissing me off quickly, as one of my "musts" was to have a great working sound system, since I remember even my old Disco and its more mid level set up sounded amazing and loved our road trips.
    I see no water leaks to any of the doors or back trim areas and such. I was planning on first finding the Logic amp somewhere in the left cargo area and seeing if any glaring issues stand out, clean connections and retry.

    *** Also, not sure if it is related, but my fm tuner sounds like it can't hold or lock in strong signal. It will tune instantly to the stations I want, but sounds like stations due when they are fading in and out on road trips between signal towers. I found a receipt for a new windshield being put in in Feb of this year, and it does state a heated and antenna type shield, so assume they put the right one in. It was an insurance invoice so didn't see price.

    ****Also my communication message screen was working when I picked up the car. Worked the whole day I drove it. Pixels were not all super sharp, but all were visible and clearly definied what numbers/letters were what. I filled tank up to see if gas gauge was accurate, pressed the post to reset miles and boom, message panel went blank and has not come back on in 6 days. Also the odometer and other info boxes above message center now have shotty looking lcd pixel numbers. I didn't press hard, or press and hold, just simple touch to reset miles driven. And it also seems like the on board computer is not giving out all the info on range , miles driven, miles left, etc,......as most of these show blank dots next to them. My tape deck keeps saying error when try to play that as well, though cd changer works fine. Can't test navi as no disc is in there.

    Few questions...is there any update the dealer can do to see if it can fix the message center dash/improve head unit,improve sound? Are there any defects or problems ya'll have heard before that effected these things that a dealer computer hook up could solve?

    Being that sound is null from the back and iffy from back passenger area, doesn't that sound more like the AMP rather than all those speakers going out together? Especially on a vehicle only driven 6500 miles a year and seems like it had to be garaged a lot due to paint and body condition.

    if not an easy cause to track down, is there an aftermarket head unit anyone can recommend that is an easy job to put in?
    also, realistically how hard is it to get the speedo cluster out to do the lcd repair or send off for led upgrade? I'll get a RAVE, but wanted an honest opinion on how much of a pain in the a** it is, and also, is the car still drivable while the cluster is removed??? what does a dealer charge for this service?



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    March 25th, 2013
    Tilarán,Guanacaste, Costa Rica

    Re: Hello, newbie with Logic 7 issues, and instrument panel

    I am totally useless as to radios and sound systems.. somebody else has to answer this.

    But i have fixed the pixels several times

    Get the LCD cable from pixelfix in Hungary.
    I still have two spares and it is quite easy to do. The only tricky bit is to pull the Speedo's and other needles off.

    The longest part of the job is to take the dash off without breaking any fine vent fins.

    Fix the cable, put the instrument back together and then the dash.
    Don't go near the stealership.

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    March 4th, 2018
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    Re: Hello, newbie with Logic 7 issues, and instrument panel

    You might want to check out this thread, https://www.rangerovers.net/forum/6-range-rover-mark-iii-l322/317810-2004-range-rover-l322-stereo-upgrade.html

    It's instructions on how to replace the head unit and wiring harness with an Android 8.1 (almost) plug and play solution. rattler1975 installed in his 2004 and has provided some very useful installation information and the part number of the wiring harness that works on the 2004.
    2004 Range Rover HSE
    1986 Newell Motorhome w/2001 Cummins ISM

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