I am new to this forum, and have thoroughly researched other threads on similar topics, but couldn't seem to find my exact situation.

I have a 2004 4.4L gas RR. It has 195k miles, and was very well maintained by previous owner who was a master tech.

When I turn left (while accelerating from a stop), about halfway through the turn, there is a single "clunk" coming from what sounds like the rear passenger side. It only happens when turning left, under light throttle, from a stop. Does not happen when I take a left corner or turn without stopping. Only when I come to a stop sign and take a left. and it happens about halfway through the turn each time. I was first thinking drivetrain - since it happens under load, but now I am wondering if it could be suspension related, maybe it only happens halfway through the turn when more body weight is transferred to the outer wheel??

A second problem I am having which may or may not be related- also experiencing a "rumble, rumble, rumble" sound (each rumble about 1 second apart) when I am between 40-50mph. This sounds exactly like when you veer off the road too far and hit those rumble strips. This also only happens when under load, not when just coasting, but when on the gas (only enough to maintain speed). This noise also seems to be coming from the rear passenger side, although I know noise can travel and be deceiving.

I have good tires that are not that old, (I do need brake pads- am changing those tomorrow). Sway bar is tight and bushings appear to be good. CV boots are in good condition and not cracked. I sprayed silicone spray over all the bushings and still experiencing both noises.

I greatly appreciate any advice on what I should look into. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.