Hey guys during the winter I parked in garage over night and had a rat decide to nest and ate all my engine management harness and ABS harness. In fixing the harness I found the ******* also ate the Knock sensor on the Left Hand Bank. During my replacement I found that the wiring on both the left and right hand bank had degraded insulation due to the heat that the 4.4 emits. The insulation was so bad that when I was disassembling the Intake the insulation shed from the 'Y' Harness that connects the two knock sensors to the multi plug. I would advise anyone with a shudder at between 1800 and 2200 rpm to have the knock sensor inspected.. The replacement of mine cured my issue after it was re-tuned to the ecu by the T4. The tech said my replacement of the sensor saved me about $2k I was only charged $160 for an hour of T4 time.