Front Camera Auto Activation
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Thread: Front Camera Auto Activation

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    August 10th, 2018

    Front Camera Auto Activation

    Hello guys,

    I have a P400e (I'm based in France) for several months now and I am very happy by its performance and confort.

    However, there is one thing bothering me.
    I'd like to have my front camera automatically activated below a certain speed (for ex as soon as I am below 20 km/h). So far, I need to push the camera button and select the front camera.

    I did not find any answer on the web and my dealership does not know about it...


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    December 29th, 2013
    Windham, New Hampshire

    Re: Front Camera Auto Activation

    you must live in a quiet, peaceful, secluded part of the world.
    Many of us live or drive in cities, bumper-to-bumper traffic, speeding up/slowing down. Obviously in our scenario, what you want would be a severe distraction and an incredible annoyance.
    I doubt that it would be an option - most of us freaked out even when the parking aid came in automatically at slow speeds.
    But if you find something, please share!
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    October 18th, 2013
    Kitchener, on

    Re: Front Camera Auto Activation

    There is an option for this.
    In my 2018, the sensor does turn on when someone is close to your rear bumper or your drive close to something in front of you.

    I remember for my 2016 they (people on this forum) were trying to get the option enabled or programmed.

    I’ll try to find it.

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    September 29th, 2018
    long island, ny

    Re: Front Camera Auto Activation

    You live in France so I am not sure about your laws but hear in the States it is illegal to use when driving. If you have 360 cameras you will notice when you select 4x4I and select off road info you will have a view of the two wheels and the front camera and this will stay on until you reach 18mph and then it will black out until you slow back down again. funny thing is if you really look you can still see the cameras functioning behind the blackout. So this is all done by program parameters unless you have a way of rewriting it this is how it will remain.

    Another funny thing at my last service I was given a 2019 discovery sport and the front camera stayed on while driving at any speed. I guess something was screwed up with the programming of the module. so it could be done but probably will never be.
    2019 Range Rover Sport HSE Dynamic

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    April 19th, 2013
    SF Bay Area, CA

    Re: Front Camera Auto Activation

    My 2019 does this. I think when it's below a certain speed, and it detects objects in your path (front or back), the camera comes on automatically. Either I accidentally turn this feature on or it's on by default. I noticed that it comes on all the time when I'm parking in the garage. I have a step ladder in front of the area when I park, and the camera comes on every time I drive in. Makes parking so much easier to be honest.

    I also noticed that quite a few times after I leave the garage, my front-camera stayed on for a bit. I don't remember if it's speed or distance that turned it off. But I thought it was annoying while driving, great when parking, but not driving. I also thought it might be a software bug, seems like the software didn't fully load and the camera just got stuck during the parking process and didn't know how to switch back (my own guess here, not technical).

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    June 4th, 2014
    Arlington, VA

    Re: Front Camera Auto Activation

    It might depend on the view perspective too. On my 2015 you can turn on and kerb view and they stay on no matter the speed. The other perspectives auto-switch off.
    2019 Mercedes Benz AMG-E63S
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