Hi all. I have a 2017 eloquent Se. I have a headache of a vibration through the floor and steering wheel that has been an issue for about a year now. Best way I can describe it is it’s a shaky vibration that “shakes the fat in your leg” ha. Had it with the original Pirellis and Land Rover told me the vibration was just from the “soft” tires. So I replace it with Michelin pilot sports and the problem is even worse. LR is telling me that the new tires are not truly round... my problem is that the vibration isn’t constant it seems to be around 1400-1600 RPM. I’ve even felt it when I’m sitting at a stoplight. As a young female I don’t feel like the dealerships take me seriously. Anyone else have this problem? I also feel like it’s worse when I get gas from certain stations compared to others. Thanks all!