Nanocom (sorry...), ECU connections and Fault logging
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Thread: Nanocom (sorry...), ECU connections and Fault logging

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    January 31st, 2016

    Nanocom (sorry...), ECU connections and Fault logging

    I spent sometime looking for answers in the forums (here and BBS) but I have not been able to pin-point exactly where could be the issue (…IF I got an issue!)

    To make things simple I will make a list

    - ECUs connection, I can connect with all ECUs but sometimes I get a message saying the connetion is lost or unavailable. In particular I cannot connect properly to the HEVAC, sometimes I can read some data but I acannot sai it is a “definitive connection” and I cannot access any logs.

    - Fault Logging, I am getting the odd error like ABS fault , Alarm Fault, but no errors are logged on the ECUs. In the specific the “ABS fault” comes on the dash sometimes when I am either parking or leaving a parcking space in reverse , but I cannot pinpoint which sensor is the truoblesome as no error is logged on the system. One time I read a “uncknown fault/error” which was not helpful and never re-appeared on the fault log.

    -The connection to the OBCD port is very “hit and miss”, I find the connector quite loose , in fact I could not drive the car around with the Nanocom connected as it would immediately go “ga-ga”; I though the connector could be oxidised, I used a contact cleaner and special contact lubricant, but I keep getting connection problem messages … am I missing something?

    - Is there a tutorial on how to properly exploit all features of the Nanocom? I did see all the downloadable manuals on the BBS website, but I think a proper manual on how to use this tool is missing… again is there something I overlooked?

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    October 17th, 2017
    East England

    Re: Nanocom (sorry...), ECU connections and Fault logging

    The HEVAC is a known iffy one, it uses a weird baud rate that seems to be unique to Land Rover. I've found that sometimes if I go into the HEVAC, it appears to connect but if I then go into Faults, it sits and thinks about it for a few seconds then comes up with unable to connect to ECU. I've found that if it doesn't connect first time, it does on the second attempt (as long as I go right out and reconnect to the HEVAC from the main menu). If it still won't connect to read Faults, come out, reconnect and then go into Inputs and it reads correctly, if I then go into Faults it works fine.

    Alarm Fault is usually a bad connection to the ultrasonic module, contact cleaner usually sorts that one. You won't get a fault logged by the ECU so nothing that the Nano can display.

    ABS fault, particularly when reversing slowly, is likely to be one sensor needing a tap with a mallet. You can check with the Nano by going into ABS and looking at Inputs. It will disconnect as soon as you reach about 4mph so you need to drive forward very slowly and you will see one sensor that doesn't respond as fast as the others.

    Some OBD ports are loose. I think it is caused by someone ramming an OBD reader with thicker pins in the socket and opening the sockets out. Not a lot you can do about it other than change the socket.

    I don't know of a full manual other than the ones on the BBS website. I agree it is something that is missing and one day no doubt someone with a lot of time on their hands might write the definitive guide to using it.
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    January 31st, 2016

    Re: Nanocom (sorry...), ECU connections and Fault logging

    Thanks for the tips and suggestions.

    I have beeen already through several connectors of my old P38 and I must say that a little contac cleaner and contact lube does wonders, but there are still some connectors I need to tackle.

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