Tools/cables need for 2019 jlr vehicles
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Thread: Tools/cables need for 2019 jlr vehicles

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    September 29th, 2018
    long island, ny

    Tools/cables need for 2019 jlr vehicles

    I am fairly new to JLR vehicles I own a 2019 f pace and just picked up my 2019 rrs and i would like to program/ troubleshoot using topix and pathfinder but i am unsure of what tools i need. I have a obdII scan tool but it is basic not able to give deep codes.

    Do i need a handheld interface as well as a cable like the mongoose or just one or the other. and if not both what would i need the interface for.

    Sorry for the seemingly newbie question but when i do all the google searches piecing it all together is unclear so i figured i would ask those with experience with these vehicles.

    I have troubleshooted and worked on all my vehicles for 25 years and never trusted bringing it in to a shop but this brand is new to me and would love some guidance. Thanks.

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    Re: Tools/cables need for 2019 jlr vehicles

    So you have 2 high dollar vehicles under factory warranty, and you want to screw with the ECM's yourself?
    I'm guessing they can tell if anyone has been in there, they certainly can on my daily driver. Unlicensed software or hardware, goodbye warranty.
    I'm all for working on my own junk, and do more than 99.9% here will ever do in that regard, but you're risking burning the warranty in my experience.
    For the Rover, BBS offers the most in depth programming stuff I've dealt with. Seeing as JLR are one now a days, it may cover both now.
    '98 P38 HSE, with 385hp/385ft lbs of LSx under the hood. Fully functional HVAC, EAS, etc.
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    Custom fabrication, engine rebuilds and knowledge that comes from experience and not Google, always available for a reasonable cost.

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    September 29th, 2018
    long island, ny

    Re: Tools/cables need for 2019 jlr vehicles

    Hell no! I know enough not to touch any of the initial programming until after warr. But i would like to get set up with all necessary equipment for when the warr. is up. Besides what i would like it for now is to do initial troubleshooting prior to bringing it in for any service because it sure helps when there is a problem to make sure i can check there work. I have just an experience with the jag where i brought it in and was dismissed with a clean bill of health and i had to fight and insist that i knew what was wrong just from experience and it turns out that after much ado they checked it and it was exactly what i said.

    I was just not sure as to the types of equipment i needed for these years. do i need the interface or not.

    But thanks for your warning...

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