I have done a search but cant find an answer. I have just fixed the blank led readout on my newly acquired 2003 TD6. To my pleasant surprise there are no warnings on the dash readout but the service interval is at -44000klm`s. I have gone through the procedure in Rave to reset this, it goes through the motions but at the end of the sequence still no change. I am sure I read somewhere that after a certain figure over the set mileage only the Dealer can reset the service light. Is that correct?
I see on ebay dedicated service interval reset tools for BMW`s and wondered if they would work or is there a secret method. I will in time get a diagnostics tool, finances are a bit short now so what is the most cost effective method to reset the interval and will an after market diagnostics tool do this reset?
I have gone through the service records and the last dealer service was at 150000klms, the car is at 194000klms now. Last oil services done at independent, Next oil change due at 203000klms.
Its been into the dealer several times, including the week I purchased the car for a new bonnet / hood cable and lever, I would have hoped they would do a quick check and re-set of everything as a matter of course, obviously wrong.