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Power & Drivetrain Upgrades

blower4.0/4.6 Models:
Special Vehicle Concepts offers various power boosting options for the 4.0/4.6, ranging from exhaust, ECU and air filter upgrades all the way up to an integrated 360 HP package with an Eaton M90S supercharger, and ported & polished cylinder heads & manifolds for increased airflow. They reprogram the engine management system to match the enhanced performance, and instal an enhanced dual exhaust with low backpressure mufflers and distinctive but discreet chrome tips.

The entire package is approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). They own the design for the Eaton Supercharger kit for Range rovers from 95-2002, and used it on the 1997 Range Rover 4.6 SSE models they made for Land Rover Special Vehicles as an official Range Rover model that year. They can modify your Range Rover in-house, or sell you the supercharger kit to do it yourself, or have your local mechanic install it. (see photo at right).

To match the rest of the drivetrain to this  greatly enhanced power, they upgrade the transmission shift program, and install limited slip differentials.

Mk III Engine by SVCNew Mark III Range Rover 4.4 (L322):
Special Vehicle Concepts long since developed a power upgrade package for the new 4.4 Range Rover (June 2002 & up) incorporating an enhanced engine management program which boosts engine power to 340 HP.

A more recent development is a new supercharger kit for the 4.4 liter engine, with a superb factory-like installation (shown at left). This dramatically boosts power, giving plenty of oomph to spin all four wheels on dry pavement should you so desire (see photo at top of page). Supercharger for 2006 RR and LR3

 Once again, you can get it installed by SVC along with a host of other enhancements, or buy the kit and install it yourself.

 SVC are already working on another supercharger kit (see mock-up at right) for the Jaguar-derived engines to be used on the 2006 Range Rover. This kit will also fit the recently introduced Discovery 3/LR3.

Suspension & Braking Upgrades
To handle the extra power and to enhance responsiveness,  Special Vehicle Concepts offers a complete suspension upgrade incorporating components they have had specially developed such as a rear anti-sway bar.  They also add Bilstein gas pressure shocks, a larger front anti-roll bar, and upgraded polyurethane bushings for precise control. Brakes are similarly upgraded with cross drilled front discs, stainless steel braided lines, and high performance brake pads. (SVC is working with Brembo to produce even more upgraded braking systems for Range Rovers). Wheel and tire options include 18" and 20" wheels with high performance or Run-Flat tires. (Photo: rear anti-sway bar and exhaust upgrades shown on a 4.0/4.6 with special wheels & tires)

Mark III:

A similar array of suspension and braking enhancements are available for the new Mk III Range Rover, including shocks, brakes and other high performance components. For example, they have developed a new rear anti-sway bar especially for the new model, and a range of upgraded wheel and tire options is also available. 




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