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Special Vehicle Concepts closed down shortly before its founder and owner, Peter Cameron, died on April 29, 2007, at the age of 55. The information on these pages is being retained as a historical record of his work.

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 Many Range Rover buyers and owners are looking for something more than a stock vehicle -- they yearn for more power, custom interior features and enhancements, sportier handling, or distinctive appearance. In the United States, the premier supplier of customized Range Rovers is Special Vehicle Concepts (also known as SVC, and formerly known as Cameron Concepts after the company's founder Peter Cameron).  Over the past five years they have delivered over 250 custom-built Range Rovers, including the supercharged 1997 4.6 SSE models built for Land Rover Special Vehicles and sold through the dealership network. From discreet but effective cosmetic changes to awesome power when you need it, an SVC Range Rover delivers more luxury and power than any other SUV.

SVC RR with body kitModifications and upgrades are available for both the new 2003 & up Range Rover 4.4 and the 1995-2002 4.0/4.6 models. SVC has designed a new supercharger kit for the new Mk III model, (their supercharger kit for the 4.0/4.6 is also still available) and a new 8-piece Range Rover III Body Kit. Similar enhancements will shortly be available for the new Discovery 3/LR3.

SVC Options for Range Rovers include an integrated and comprehensive power upgrade package (CARB-approved) with an Eaton supercharger, ported & polished heads & manifolds, reprogrammed engine management computers, exhaust upgrades and other enhancements. The suspension is upgraded to match, with Bilstein gas pressure shocks, a larger front anti-roll bar, addition of a custom rear anti-roll bar, and upgraded bushings for precise control. Brakes are similarly upgraded with cross drilled discs, stainless steel braided lines, and high performance brake pads. Wheel and tire options include 18", 19" and 20" wheels with high performance or Run-Flat tires. Other custom exterior options include special paint schemes and window tinting, billet grilles, special lighting, and chromed exhaust tips. Available interior enhancements include opulent wood trim, burlwood steering wheel, premium carpets, and a multitude of communications & entertainment equipment such as enhanced GPS, hands-free phone, auto 911 call up, premium sound and video/DVD equipment.

Special Vehicles Concepts can obtain Range Rovers straight off the production line (or recent used models) and customize them for you, or they can take in your existing RR and work their magic on it. They usually have several late model Range Rovers for sale -- either ones that customers have traded in for a new custom model, or ones that have been customized for demonstration purposes.

Customer Options
SVC offers several options for customers wishing to achieve the optimum in personalized Range Rover ownership, including the following choices:

1. You can order the custom equipment and upgrades you desire and install them yourself on your own vehicle.
2. You can specify the custom upgrades and trim you desire and have SVC install it on your Range Rover
3. SVC can custom design a vehicle package to meet your specific needs and install it for you
4. If you don't have a Range Rover, SVC can find you the one of your choice (whether new, near-new or used) through its access to wholesale sources.



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