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2007 interior by Overfinch








Overfinch interior enhancements include several alternative polished wood packs, charcoal finish or a youthful brushed alloy look. Replacement steering wheels, handbrake and shifter handles are included. These combine with additional leather work (a hand stitched dashboard and/or Bentley style seating) to improve the cabin ambience and personalise the vehicle.  (pictures at right and below).

A full range of A/V entertainment options is available, including rear seat DVD, upgraded Nav systems with the ability to display DVD on the move. Custom third row seats, foldable to allow use of the load space, are also available. 

The photos on this page illustrate some of the options, variants of which are available for all RR III model years.

Photo at right: Custom charcoal interior treatment with two tone upholstery including red center cushions; burr walnut steering wheel, handbrake & transmission shifter.

(Photos courtesy of Overfinch USA).

interior 2007

2007 interior

Above: Two different Overfinch interior treatment options for the 2007 Range Rover.
Below: Overfinch interior with carbon fibre dash trim and steering wheel treatment.  (Photos courtesy of Overfinch USA)


rear seat entertainment package

DVD in motion and high end video/audio service options are also available from Overfinch. The DVD in motion enables the factory front navigation screen to function and display DVD’s while the vehicle is in motion (recommended for off road use only). The High End Audio/Video is part of Overfinch's program for the ower who requires more than the factory offers, including but not limited to Upgraded Speakers, Amplifiers, Sub Woofers, etc. (Photo courtesy of Overfinch USA)

As with previous generation Overfinch Range Rovers, a 7 Seater Option is available, providing a split folding two person rear facing seat system for children (see photos below).


third seat in position

third seat folded

Newly redesigned rear facing third row seats in position.

Third row seat folded up (the two sides can be folded individually)
Photos courtesy of Overfinch USA

All options are available individually or as part of a complete package.

Contact Information
The  Importer & Distributor for Overfinch in the USA is Overfinch USA, They have made arrangements with a number of local Land Rover dealers throughout the country for delivery and installation of Overfinch Range Rovers and upgrades. You can email owner Mark Braham or phone him at (310) 394 4232 to find out more about their product line, and what arrangements would work best for you. If you contact them please mention you saw them on RangeRovers.net. For links to Overfinch in other parts of the world, see the Range Rover links page.



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