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JD Power recently reported that the average car purchase through a dealership, after you have decided to buy, takes 6.5 hours. During this time you are engaged in a frustrating, high-stress, adversarial game with the entire sales team in which the odds are stacked heavily against you. Aside from whatever 6 hours of your time is worth, you are also paying the salaries and overhead of the salesman, sales manager, and finance manager  During this time period they are playing the "good cop, bad cop" game while each tries to outwit you in order to maximize their commissions. They practice this game all day every day, whereas you do it at most once a year. Guess which side is more likely to win this dance of the dollars. Car buyers are increasingly growing weary of this outdated process and are letting a broker handle the headaches.


In 2010 at least 17% or new car sales were handled by a broker. A broker is a professional buyer who works for you to get you the best deal available. He shops the entire state or country, using fleet buying power and established relationships with dealership management, to find the exact vehicle you choose. After negotiating the best possible price, he gets back to you to describe the vehicle, the negotiated price, and the best financing. If you accept what he has arranged, he has the vehicle transported to the location of your choice, prepares title and sales paperwork and arranges to dispose of your old car if you so wish.  He also gets the loan or lease approved and prepared all without you having to leave the comfort of your home.  Once delivered the paperwork takes approximately 15 minutes, and you have your new vehicle.

Once people discover that they never need to deal with a car salesman again, they rarely go back. Using a good broker saves hours of your time, while using his buying power to pay less without haggling. More and more buyers are realizing they can bypass the whole dealer experience. With more and more new car transactions being completed this way the trend is rapidly extending into used car buying where the savings are usually even greater due to the traditionally high markups in the used market.


What about after sales service and warranties? All vehicles bought through a broker come with full factory warranty, and can be serviced at any Land Rover dealer. If you are worried that your local dealer may have misgivings servicing a Range Rover bought elsewhere or through a broker, dismiss those worries! Dealers make most of their money from their service departments, through the virtual monopoly they have during the new car warranty period. This is especially true of Land Rover dealers, since statistically, your Rover will spend more time in the shop than any other brand of vehicle. If you have bought a car from a dealer, you will have noticed how rapidly they forget that you loyally bought from them.

What incentive does a broker have to help me? Remember, the dealer and their commissioned sales staff have the strongest possible incentive to charge you the maximum price they can. In contrast, buyers' brokers work for you. They know they will only get your business if they save you money and time. They are not paid on commission so they have no incentive to get a high price. They have every incentive to get you the best deal and service so you will return next time you buy a car.

Aren't I just paying the broker the commission the dealer would otherwise get? No. You pay the broker a fee for his time and services -- usually only a fraction of what you save on the deal compared with doing your own bargaining. Brokers get far lower prices than you can, not just because of purchase volume but because the dealer does not have to pay its usual sales expenses like commissions to salesmen and finance employees.

What about the online quoting and car buying services? The ubiquitous online car quoting and buying services (Edmunds,, Autobytel, etc) are simply advertising and sales lead generating services for the dealer networks. When you fill in one of their online forms, you become a "prospect", and your information is sent to a local dealer, who pays them for the "lead". A dealer salesperson then contacts you and begins the usual haggling process. The pricing information you obtain from such services is full of disclaimers. The dealer has no obligation or incentive to meet the quoting service's "target price". An auto broker is entirely different by working for you instead of the dealer network and using volume buying power to get your car from wherever in the region or country the best deal can be had.


Carsmith Motors is the established premier auto broker in the Western US. They are unique as an auto broker in providing car-buying services for people in the market for both New and Pre-Owned Vehicles in the Western US. Carsmith has such high volume buying power that they can get you true wholesale prices on both new and late model used Rovers, passing the savings along to you. Let them know what you are looking for in your next Range Rover whether new or used. They will literally “shop” your new car request around to hundreds of dealers across the United States to find you the best possible price, and get back to you within 24 hours. Every new vehicle purchased through Carsmith Motors includes all manufacturer's warranties, rebates, incentives and special financing.

Carsmith Motors have kindly offered to make special discount available to readers, so when you call them please tell them you were referred by You can contact their Owner Dave Marcus directly at (650) 888-7108.


Best in Fleet has some of the most experienced staff in the auto broker business. Just from talking to them you can tell they love what they do, and care about the people they do it for. They can get you any make or model of vehicle at dramatic savings, but they specialize in Land Rovers and Range Rovers. They do all in their power to give you "The Best Way to Buy A New Car”.

Best in Fleet's huge fleet buying power and statewide buying connections get you the exact vehicle you decide on for a true fleet price. Then, they set up the financing or lease for you, sell your old car for you if you like, and deliver your new one by flatbed trailer or professional driver, anywhere in California. The paperwork takes about 7 minutes, and you’re ready to go! And, they can handle all the details over the phone. You need never leave your home or office. They can also install aftermarket options, winches, racks, or other expedition equipment before delivery.

John Oler can be reached directly at (559) 237-0752. He will be waiting to help you find the exact Range Rover you want at the lowest possible price. You can also visit their website at Best in Fleet has kindly offered to help sponsor this site, so please tell them you were referred by is now one of the leading UK and European suppliers of new vehicles, with over 2,500 models and discounts up to 35%. Their expertise and buying power mean you not only save thousands of £££ but get an earlier delivery date compared to the local dealer. Range Rovers are one of their specialties and they now have a special page entitled At last check, their 2010 Sport price was £7,000 below list. With a great  track record, New-Car-Deals is in for the long haul, and pride themselves on service, price, lead time and personal communication. They go out of their way to ensure the price and date they quote can be relied on.

If you live in the UK, will save you thousands on both UK supplied vehicles and European imports. All Land Rovers they supply are new UK spec RHD vehicles, with UK manuals and service/warranty books. Imported vehicles come with a Certificate of Conformity issued by Land Rover UK, and are identical in every respect to those from your local Land Rover dealership in the UK or Ireland. The only difference is the amount of money you are saving. If you live in Europe, similar savings are available to you through their network of continental dealers. is also a distributor for alloy wheels and body styling by Vemiri, so they can customise your new Rover as well. Visit their website at, or their Land Rover specialty page at, or give them a call on 0870 360 5907. has kindly offered to help sponsor, so please tell them you were referred by