EAS Compressor Field Repair

Compressor repair with section from photographic film container

Photo: Substituting the teflon ring on the piston with a plastic section from a film container

Our colleague Daniele Barbagallo in Italy experienced a failure in his Range Rover air compressor that was no longer able to provide enough pressure. Having the need to use the Rangie, after reading these pages, he decided to open the compressor and to try a repair on the field. During this operation he discovered that the Teflon ring on the piston can be temporarily substituted with part of a cylindrical 35 mm photographic film container!! This is a major breakthrough in Air Suspension Field Repair, and we are eternally grateful to Daniele for sharing the details of is method below.

Instructions are the following:

o After dismounting the compressor, remove the four screws on the cap; remove valves group and the cylinder.
o Using a suitable screwdriver remove carefully (avoiding damage to the aluminium ring and the piston) the small ring on the top of the piston.
o Place the ring on the bottom of the film container, with an adhesive tape on the external surface of the ring fill the gap in order to centre it.
o Using the ring as guide cut the central part of the bottom. The hole must be of the same diameter (internal) of the aluminium ring.
o Cut the external part at the level of the top of the ring. The result is an L shaped ring containing the aluminium one.

comp temp rebuild

o Remove the tape.
o Insert the ring on the piston, and place the aluminium ring on the piston, with bended pliers press down in order to align the surface of the ring, and the piston (the plastic L shaped must not protrude this surface!).
o After a very small lubrification of the ring with Vaseline, reassembly the compressor and run the motor.

Compressor temp rebuild 2

Important:  the plastic material of the ring is not able to survive the high temperatures reached in the normal working condition, so run the motor for a maximum of 3 minutes. It can be switched on only when the head of the compressor is cold. Normally in 3 or four of these cycles the tank will be filled.

After reaching the right level with passengers onboard, switch off the motor and disconnect the fuse or unplug the EAS timer relay; the suspension remains frozen, and you can continue the trip.

More Permanent Repair from Home-Made Parts
Daniele further reports: "By the way, on my car during the winter the ring was worn out after 3 days of normal use, probably in the summer is a different story. At this time, I am waiting for the repair kit from Airbag Man, but in the meantime, I have built a Teflon ring starting from a hydraulic bush, and it is properly working. Next time I will tell you the results."


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