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Rock sliders on Range Rover SportIntroduction
New Rock Sliders from "Off Roving"

Photo at right: Range Rover Sport with rock sliders from


As with other recent Range Rover models, the major aftermarket companies have largely failed to provide rock sliders and sill protectors for the Range Rover Sport, in spite of the fact that these are all superb off road machines. Fortunately, enterprising owners have stepped into the breech to fill the need. This page summarizes available sliders for the RR Sport and LR3.

RR Sport Rock Sliders from "Off Roving" and Rover Specialties.
Range Rover owner Adam Spiker founded Off to provide off road experiences, training and accessories to late model Range Rover owners. In June 2007 he partnered with Rover Specialties to produce the first Rock Sliders to fit the Range Rover Sport, and make them available to fellow owners. The photos below and at the top of this page illustrate the new design.

Slider on rock

Rock sliders on Range ROver Sport

Slider views

Off Roving/Rover Specialties prototype sliders in action on a Range Rover Sport

Note body-hugging construction with minimal loss of ground clearance
Photos courtesy of Off

Closeups of the final sliders from above and below, showing the beautifully finished construction.

The new slider design incorporates an underbody skid plate that extends from the frame to the sill iunderneath the vehicle, offering a substantial measure of protection to the vehicle's vulnerable underside (see photo below).

Sport slider underside

The sliders are bolted to the frame and body using nine factory hardpoints, distributing impact forces to be distributed over a wide area. They are capable of supporting the full weight of the vehicle, and are suitable for all types of lift jacks. On-road they provide a step to assist entry/egress or to better access a roof rack. Off-road they integrate with the vehicle to maximize its off-road capability and provide class leading protection for critical vehicle components including the air compressor, air tank, frame, door sills, doors, and the vulnerable plastic door molding. Testing has been done in a variety of hard core off road environments.

Standard finish includes an E-Coat primer for maximum corrosion resistance, with a black powder coat top coat. Custom finishes are available upon request. Available in one complete level of protection:  Includes the full length underbody protection from Frame-to-Sill, stand-offs and outer rail, and adds an additional plate to the bottom of the stand-offs from Sill-to-Rail for maximum protection.

Sliders on a LR3

These pictures show the Off Roving/Rover Specialties sliders for the LR3. Note slightly different outer shape.
For the LR3, the sliders can be ordered with or without the strengthening stand-offs and sill plates that are standard on the Range Rover Sport version. Photos courtesy of Off

These sliders are exclusively distributed by Off Roving through its storefront. To order them, simply browse to and put them in the shopping cart. Cost is $1795 plus shipping for a set. Installation takes about 2 hours and does not require drilling -- full color instructions are included. For any additional information about the sliders, you can Email Adam.

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