I have just picked my car up from my local independant who was doing some welding in the footwells of my new 1988 classic.

the metals was much thinner than i thought, and it basically needed a proper replacement footwell panel (the ones from paddock spares etc)

Instead they have plated on the inside, it looks great from the inside but underneath there is all the old metals, the holes are still there, with a 1/2 cm gap then the new skin. i know this is going to be a huge water trap - so not particually happy.

Could any one tell me how much you have been charged for a proper fitment of a replacment footwell panel. also does anyone know a garage in hampshire that specialises in classics who would be more suited to doing this sort of job.

Also can anyone explain how i unblock the air con drain (the cause of the rust!) i hear it is fairly straight forward.

Many thanks in advance!