"Slow: 55 kph (35 mph)" and that constant beeping are driving me mad

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Thread: "Slow: 55 kph (35 mph)" and that constant beeping are driving me mad

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    August 9th, 2013
    Warsaw, Poland

    "Slow: 55 kph (35 mph)" and that constant beeping are driving me mad

    Hi all,

    first of all let me briefly introduce myself since this is my first post: my name is Anna and 2 months ago I bought a 2000 P38a. I'm gonna spare you the reasons why, let's get to the point.

    About a month ago it went on strike for the first time. Started beeping and showing the "slow: 55 kph" message. I couldn't stand it and I drove my RR to a mechanic straight away. He charged me ~ 100$, said they needed to recalibrate the sensors and I went home.

    A week later it happened again but fortunately it passed on the next day. But since I was afraid it would happen again I started searching the web for fixing the issue myself since the vision of being charged 100$ again wasn't very optimistic. I found the rswsolutions website, I read about the EASUnlock and making a customized cable. So I made the cable myself, was very proud of it, I went to the car plugged it in, and it was working

    That's great but sometimes we realize it would be better if we didn't know some things. Like, for example, the list of faults the program showed... [Check the screenshot with faults.]
    A couple of days ago It started beeping again and now it doesn't want to stop. "Ok", I thought, "I have the Unlock EAS button, I'm just gonna press it and everything will go back to normal.". Well, that's not exactly how it went. The only thing it did was that it stopped highlighting my A/C screen :/ Anyway, it's still beeping and I'm starting to visualize dropping the car to a river out of the bridge.

    On the Heights screenshot it's showing 63 for the Front Right FR. Does it mean it's leaking? Or does it mean it just went crazy and I need to recalibrate the sensor just as the mechanic said he did? Also, check the values on the Calibrate tab. I haven't changed them but after watching some videos it think the values should be matched in pairs and these values seem to prize their independence...

    Let me also confess that I haven't read all the threads but please don't get too hard on me for that.

    Where should I start the troubleshooting from?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails "Slow: 55 kph (35 mph)" and that constant beeping are driving me mad-przechwytywanie1.jpg   "Slow: 55 kph (35 mph)" and that constant beeping are driving me mad-przechwytywanie2.jpg   "Slow: 55 kph (35 mph)" and that constant beeping are driving me mad-przechwytywanie3.jpg  

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    April 12th, 2006
    Kloshe Cottage, WA

    Re: "Slow: 55 kph (35 mph)" and that constant beeping are driving me mad

    Resetting the error is not going to fix the issue. Calibrating also had nothign to do with the initial fault. My bet would be on a leak that is now too large for the compressor to keep up with. You will need to loccate the leak and repair ASAP before you burn out your compressor.
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    Re: "Slow: 55 kph (35 mph)" and that constant beeping are driving me mad

    Its not initialised properly, you should be getting 'FF' responses (not '3F') and the currently red "NO IDLE" should turn green and say "good idle" or something like that.

    Until it's initialised properly none of those values can be trusted, not that they make any sense anyway.
    Larry S
    1995 4.6 HSE

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    October 23rd, 2012
    Sudbury, Ontario

    Re: "Slow: 55 kph (35 mph)" and that constant beeping are driving me mad

    I agree looks like bad cable to me! Same thing happened to me.
    2001 Range Rover HSE

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    April 27th, 2011
    Kuala Lumpur

    Re: "Slow: 55 kph (35 mph)" and that constant beeping are driving me mad

    It's been 4 days- any updates?

    Unfortunately with P38s, many things could be wrong all at once and it's important to work through and eliminate the possible failures methodically else you'll end up chasing your own tail.

    I guess in this case, it's best to just double check the cable you made up. Not because we don't think you did a good job, but because if it ISN'T 100% correct, nothing else you do is going to help solve your problem!

    In the meantime, here's a lil song I found to be awfully inspiring to us P38 vict *ahem* owners....... enjoy

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    June 23rd, 2009
    New Zealand

    Re: "Slow: 55 kph (35 mph)" and that constant beeping are driving me mad

    Hi Anna, you need to start at the start,Remove the compressor,take the top of the compressor piston chamber and check if the piston seal is worn. If the piston seal is worn the system wont have enough air to operate. Pistons are easily obtaiable and replaceable by you(if you were able to make a cable for eas unlock you can fix your air suspension) good luck let me know how you get on and I can guide you through the diagnostic process. cheers

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