Confirm if HVAC Blend Door is Stuck on L322 Rover!?

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Thread: Confirm if HVAC Blend Door is Stuck on L322 Rover!?

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    April 22nd, 2013

    Confirm if HVAC Blend Door is Stuck on L322 Rover!?

    My 2005 L322 Rover's air conditioning will start blowing really hot air suddenly when the air has been on for a while. The RR dealer has checked for fault codes while this is occurring, but found no codes recorded. They told me it was practically a 2 day job to take out the dash and repair and replace the blend motor or related components for the system. It is estimated to cost a couple of thousand dollars or so just in labor in addition to the price of the parts. In the meantime, it was recommended I try turning the temperature controls all the way to the hottest setting for short time, and then cycle the temperature control all the way to cold. This has worked fairly reliably for now, with me having to sometimes cycle the temperature controls this way for a couple of cycles. I am more than slightly annoyed at the prospect of paying up to 2500 dollars or more for this repair, and am wondering if there is anyone out there who knows what the exact cause of this condition is? I am wondering if it is purely a mechanical part worn in the blend door which the blend motor cannot overcome, or is this a blend motor which is losing its efficiency and or torque. Please share any thoughts or referrals to other posts. I did a search on posts here but only found one partial one which was related to icing of the core, which needed to unthaw before rebooting. Thanks very for your thoughts.

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    Re: Confirm if HVAC Blend Door is Stuck on L322 Rover!?

    It sounds like it might be the blend motor but I can't confirm it from your description it usually presents as you either get hot or cold, not both or selectable. Check the relays and replace all the filters. if its still bad you can do blend motors on your own. It does take a lot of time, it is a PITA but it will save you $1200-2500 and is very doable by a competent DIY'er. think 100-350 for the parts. I did this on a P38a in four or five hours. Usually the plastic gears strip they do wear out unfortunately but when you have the dash out you might as well just replace it versus trying to save a penny and oiling.
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    April 22nd, 2013

    Re: Confirm if HVAC Blend Door is Stuck on L322 Rover!?

    Thank you very much for your reply. My description of the symptoms simply shows that I can make the HVAC system come out of its fault/dysfunction mode by turning both thermostats on the dash to "all the way hot", or "all the way cold". I suspect either or a combination of the 3 blend motors, or the blend door itself have a sticking point, or sort of "dead dysfunction zone" which when cycled completely through their movement or range become corrected in some way to function. The HVAC temperature control system will perform normally after doing this hot and cold temperature adjustment cycling. The drivers side and center vents on the dash face are the ones that send out the hot air most often when this dysfunctioning A/C operation occurs. The far right passenger vent has almost fully cold air which comes through it while this occurs. I believe the dealer told me, or I read somewhere that there may be three blend motors, and blend doors; one for each of the three sections of the dasy, the far right, center, and driver side vents. Some comments on the P38 made on this site said that some of the blend doors/motors can be Repaired or replaced without pulling out the whole day. It would be good to have step by step instructions or even video of the L322 Rover dash removal if anyone knows of one out there. Thanks again for any submittals of more information or references to find information, All the best..Clay

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    Re: Confirm if HVAC Blend Door is Stuck on L322 Rover!?

    do a search on Youtube for center vent removal on a 2004 Range rover,
    there is a cable that can sometimes come loose and you can easily inspect this .
    This is detailed in the video

    2005 HSE , Bonatti Gray/ Gray Oxford leather
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