Interior door panel - automotive adhesive?

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Thread: Interior door panel - automotive adhesive?

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    September 26th, 2006

    Interior door panel - automotive adhesive?

    Hi all,

    So I noticed the passenger side door panel (interior panel that has the door arm rest, power window switch, door lock knob) has come loose at the upper most part of the panel where it secures underneath the window sill. The panel is snug and tight near the side view mirror area, but it is loose as you follow the panel sill near the door lock pop-up knob. I know there are snap-in type fasteners around the inside perimeter of the entire panel but, no matter how hard I push, the panel does not pop into the fasteners (I am not entirely convinced the panel has popped out of the pin/fasteners). Additionally, I noticed that the top part of the panel has some sort of discolored remnants of adhesive. Sooooo, my question is, is there some sort of automotive adhesive I could buy that would "glue" the loose area of the panel back together? or do I have to take it to the stealer?

    Thanks in advance!

    2003 RR HSE (BMW 4.4)

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    Re: Interior door panel - automotive adhesive?

    For the top of the door to sit properly underneath the sill of the window, you have to remove the interior panel completely and the re-insert it. This is not a big job, takes about 10-15 mins, and you need a Torx screwdriver set.

    There are 4 Torx screws holding the panel on.
    1. Center of door handle
    2. Outer side of cubby compartment
    3. Inner side of cubby compartment
    4. Behind the AIRBAG sign (this pops off with a flat head screwdriver)

    Once you have unscrewed all these, starting from the BOTTOM of the door, work your fingers between the door panel and the steel frame, and gently pull towards you applying more and more pressure until it starts to pop off. The panel is held in place with 14 insertion clips and once the bottom is unplugged, work your way around both sides until you get to the top. Before removing the whole panel from the top clips, pull out the bottom of the panel and wiggle it left and right - this will loosen it from the top clips and it will come free.

    Support the door panel whilst you remove the many connectors for the following:
    1. Door window controls (3)
    2. Speaker cable (1)
    3. Courtesy Lighting (2)
    4. Door unlock pull cable (1)

    Should look like this (without the missing yellow clips - I only noticed the had fallen off when I went to re-insert the door panel and bnever took a photo with them all in their correct places).....

    Interior door panel - automotive adhesive?-door-panel.jpg Interior door panel - automotive adhesive?-door-panel-removed.jpg

    You can see the top clips, however mine were not correctly installed after the touch up respray I had done... (cowboys but they did a good job with the paint)

    Interior door panel - automotive adhesive?-door-panel-top-clips.jpg

    The clip on the left is not underneath the glass sill (4/6 of mine were like this). I had to remove the sill and then sit is correctly so the vertical tab sits behind the sill providing tension so the sill stays were it is supposed to. The clip on the right is sitting correctly.

    Make sure all these clips are secured and not bent in any way. Clean up all the old glue/silicone from the last cowboy who tried to fix it, and then install the panel connecting all the electrical connectors and the door pull cable first.

    When you offer the panel to the door, do so by holding the bottom out so it is touching your knees, and push the top of the panel into the clips. You have to bang them in with the palm of your hand so the top of the door panel sits tightly under the interior window sill. The clips will hold it in place once you move the bottom of the panel towards the door. Once all are seated correctly, ensure all the yellow insertion clips are clipped into the door panel and then align the clips with the holes on the door and a sharp blow with the palm of your hand and the panel will be re-seated correctly. Do this for all the yellow clips, put the screws back in and then the airbag sign, and you are all sorted.

    I hope this helps. I had to remove the inner panel also to get to a snapped door handle cable, so the door panel was pretty easy.

    Good Luck!

    '05 L322 V8 Autobiography. Zambezi Silver.

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    September 26th, 2006

    Re: Interior door panel - automotive adhesive?

    Thanks for the response! So it turns out that, upon inspection, the door panel housing the door speaker, etc. has two pieces near the top of the panel that are bonded together (i.e., plastic and metal trim). These two pieces actually separated from each other, probably from sitting outside in extreme Arizona heat. All I had to do was cleanly separate the two pieces from each other so I could look underneath and find the three/four factory glue "spots". I then applied Gorilla Glue to these exact locations and then clamped them back together overnight. Woke up this morning and they are rock solid, bonded together. I then re-installed the panel back into the door frame "clips". Minor cosmetic issue has been solved!

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    June 13th, 2015
    Los Angeles, CA

    Re: Interior door panel - automotive adhesive?

    I have a similar issue with my rear doors. I assume it's the same process to fix? Also, if any of the clips are broken/missing, do you have a part number?

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