4wd system and traction control

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Thread: 4wd system and traction control

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    October 20th, 2011

    4wd system and traction control

    I have a 2004 range rover and it seems to act like open differential front, rear, and center. I dont have any error lights either. From looking online I have read the traction control system should be applying brakes to prevent it from acting like and open differential? I put it up on a hoist and put it in drive, just at idle and you can hold a tire on either side no problem and the opposite side will just spin, and holding both rear tires will send all the power to the front. I don't see any traction control in this case. is it just not possible to test it in this way? Was pretty dissapointed in its deep snow performance last year and was wondering if something is wrong.

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    August 15th, 2006
    Blackburn, UK

    Re: 4wd system and traction control

    Yes, for your 2004 model both the front and rear final drives are open. The centre differential is a Torsen Type B unit which nominally splits the torque to the front & rear 50/50 but which can, on the onset of wheel slip, assign torques anywhere within the range 35F/65R to 65F/35R but cannot lock. So, as you stated, the traction control function is achieved by braking the individual wheels and it cannot be switched off by hitting the DSC button either, it’s permanently activated.

    2003 4.4l V8 Range Rover Vogue

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    June 2nd, 2006
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    Re: 4wd system and traction control

    Out of the land rovers i've had, the L322 has been the best performer in the snow by a country mile.

    That being said, i'd say that tyres and driving style goes a considerably longer way to your traction in snow than simply relying on the gadgets of the car.

    As for traction control, if its anything like the previous model, it needed to be going over 5mph before it kicked in ABS/traction control ... i.e. the wheels need to be spinning a reasonable amount for the system to read the differences in their speeds. If you watch an RR rock crawling, the air-bound wheel spins pretty quick before you see the traction control try and grab it to transfer torque to the ground-bound wheels )

    I dont think your test would work if you're only grabbing and stopping 1 wheel ... the other 3 are spinning so the RR will think its moving forward overall. You'd need to stop 2 or 3 wheels to fool the RR to think its stopped cause of air bound wheels.
    2002 4.4 HSE Mk3

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