Air Suspension Inactive

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Thread: Air Suspension Inactive

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    July 17th, 2009

    Air Suspension Inactive

    I have a 2005 Range Rover. I noticed the air suspension inactive came on and off intermittently for 3days. Don't really drive this vehicle that much. Eventually the malfunction stayed on permanently and the front right side is down. I took it into Range rover nashville to have it checked out. They took two days to look at it and called back saying they would need to look into the wiring and it will cost $400 for diagnostics. I asked if it was the front sensors or other sensors and they said no.

    My vehicle has 55K miles and is out of warranty, was going to get warranty prior to this happening.

    I can imagine this doesn't include the cost of parts. I have read alot of posts on here and I am somewhat confused. Do I let them go ahead and check or should I pull the car out of the shop. There is a small independent shop here in the Nashville/Brentwood area but they don't seem to know what they are doing over there.

    Anyone had similar issues or thoughts, advise/suggestions that can help out?


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    September 22nd, 2008

    Re: Air Suspension Inactive

    I had a similar issue... I took it to my independent shop they told me, "we're going to hook it up to the computer to see whats up." Within 30 seconds the suspension went up and the codes vanished, haven't had the problem since... Shop owner was telling me the fault was caused by a valve not releasing pressure in the compression hold tank (stuck valve) which puts the suspension into hard fault so the system can't cause any damage to itself...

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    December 31st, 2007
    Los Angeles, CA

    Re: Air Suspension Inactive

    I just had my Air Suspension Inactive show up last Tuesday on my 03 MKIII which has 64k miles, and I took it to my independent shop. I have a warranty which saved me $4,100 dollars to replace the front left and right air spring strut assembly and suspension compressor.
    My warranty is only good until 85k miles, and I haven't used it since I've owned the truck, so I was glad that it finally paid for itself. The error codes that they found after the original diagnosis were: (36, 8, 24, 7, and 117).
    None of this is probably helpful to you, but I think that you would save money by taking it to the local shop in Brentwood.
    By the way I was in Nashville all week for work and that is one great place to party, The Tin Roof was was alot of fun on Thursday night.
    '03 Range Rover HSE Java Black

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    July 17th, 2009

    Re: Air Suspension Inactive

    So I finally took it to Range Rover and they said my front right headlight had electrical issues, which was causing the Air suspension to be faulty.....Weird right! So I let them fix it after contemplating for 4weeks and raising some cash. I picked up the vehicle yesterday after paying $1,400 for labor only to get home and the air suspension inactive comes on again. Now the vehicle is sitting low, No extended warranty meaning I am in deep trouble.

    Called the rover dealer and they asked me to bring it in monday. Anyone had a similar experience like this?

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    May 11th, 2007
    Denver, Colorado

    Re: Air Suspension Inactive

    Wait a minute. They changed the headlight to fix the suspension?

    I had a suspension fault. I took my RR to a local RR repair shop, not the dealer. He said he could reset the system with his computer and see what happens. Thirty minutes and $40 later I was driving away. That was last November and I haven't had a problem since.

    Oh, I should mention about 18 months ago I had the problem, and took it to the dealer. Two days and $250 later I picked up my car. They too said they reset the air suspension computer. The suspension light came on as I drove the car home. About two months later it fixed itself.

    In both of these cases the light was on, and the suspension was 'stuck' in the normal height.
    Denver CO

    2003 Giverny Green Range Rover
    1960 MGA Coupe Race car
    1967 MGB Vintage Race Car
    1969 MGB V8 Roadster (3.5 Rover engine)

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    January 31st, 2006
    TX, USA

    Re: Air Suspension Inactive

    There is a TSB on the suspension software. Unless the software has been updated, it will incorrectly diagnose suspension problems on Testbook or Rovacom. LR Dallas failed to update the software when I had an EAS problem late last year and opted to replace a relay on my dime (the TSB has been out for quite some time.) Recently went to an indy shop who ID'd the problem via Alldata, sent the software to LRUK for update, then reinstalled it. No problems since.

    The TSB describes that the diagnostics will incorrectly ID failed EAS hardware, and will fault when there is no hardware failure. I posted about this a few weeks ago, and don't have the TSB number handy, but a search for "EAS TSB" should find it. My Rover is a 2005, but I think this applies to at least 05 and earlier..
    2005 RR Adriatic Blue - "Tech Sergeant Chen" aka "Bleu" or "Blue" or "Blew"
    XYL's ride: 2007 LR3 "Albina"

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    July 27th, 2008
    Tampa, Florida

    Re: Air Suspension Inactive

    I just had this issue, and my front left driver side dropped while I was driving on the interstate. Drove it back home like that and it raised up and stayed level all day, then took it out driving and the problem re-occured. Had it towed to the dealer and they said the front air shock was bad. Its gonna cost me 1700 in the end. I asked the service tech if they found a leak or what the problem was, and I found it strange that he said they didnt find a hole but it was leaking air when it went into highway mode.

    I would feel better if they had told me they found the leak, sounds like they just replaced the whole thing without finding the exact problem.

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    September 12th, 2009
    Almaty, Kazakhstan

    Re: Air Suspension Inactive

    I had plenty of that faults.

    What do I do.

    I have changed both front air suspensions balloons, different time each.

    Then the air suspension inactive message comes, I go to a BMW non official dealer and just for 7 bucks I clean my malfunctions.


    2003 RR has 70 % or more similar, parts, malfunctions, computers, software etc with BMW.

    recent BMW part changed - rear brake pads. Times cheaper RR. Brake pad sensors also from BMW. Only the length is shorter, 5 min of work to attach to old ones.

    Then Reset on the computer by holding check button for minutes... so on...

    2003 RR HSE

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    March 23rd, 2012
    Doha, Qatar.

    Re: Air Suspension Inactive

    I have exactly the same problem, I have Range Rover Vouge 2003......
    Any suggestions? Do I have to go to the Range Rover Repairing Center and then they charge me s much as possible?!......I'm new in this car......
    Please help if you know the solutions......
    Did the battery terminals removal can cause asking a radio code?!......this is a used car, maybe I do not have it in the car booklet......
    Thanks a lot!
    Best regards!

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