Thank you Storey Wilson!!

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Thread: Thank you Storey Wilson!!

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    July 5th, 2009
    Roswell, GA

    Thank you Storey Wilson!!

    and all of those who contributed to your hacking of the EAS system in a P38. Your YouTube videos and other available resources were very well done. After the following challenges:
    • Learning that the OBDII cable color codes meant nothing and you have to trace the pins to the wires. I hadn't utilized my multimeter to trace wires before so I learned a new trick
    • Due to my initial laptop having a female DB9 port, I had to buy a male instead of female DB9 thus requiring me to reverse my soldering points relative to your video
    • Several DB9 cable gender changing gymnastics due to my having to change computers
    • Bought a cheap serial to USB adapter and had to find the right driver. In this particular case, I had to scrounge up an outdated driver and override the new one that I initially installed
    • Learning how to navigate the software application by just playing with a bunch of features excluding depressurization and the ride heights. I finally cleared my fault by having the system display a "blank message"
    My EAS system is now running normally. I am now able to take full control of the system. I just wish that I could pull this up via the nav display at will. Note that I did all of this using a Dell Latitude E6400 running Windows 7.

    Thanks again to Storey!

    Jon Thomas
    '99 Disco II
    '02 Range Rover P38

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    August 26th, 2007
    mid missouri, usa via blackpool,lancs...

    Re: Thank you Storey Wilson!!

    I will also chime in here.
    I bought one of Storey's EAS Buddy's a couple of years ago.
    Earlier this year, it took a dump for no apparent reason. Did all the checks that Storey suggested via email (next day reply BTW), then he just sent me a new one FOC.
    I just wish all customer service was as good as his.
    Big thumbs up from me, many thanks Storey!

    '98 P38 HSE, with 385hp/385ft lbs of LSx under the hood. Fully functional HVAC, EAS, etc.
    '03 L322 HSE
    '04 DiscoII - wheeling rig
    '02 P38, '79 924 for the kids.
    Custom fabrication, engine rebuilds and knowledge that comes from experience and not Google, always available for a reasonable cost.
    Reliable BECM repairs, and EAS

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    November 10th, 2007
    Washington DC

    Re: Thank you Storey Wilson!!

    Storey has been a great help with his products, I have two of his units one I use to reset the EAS if it faults on the road and the other I use with my Macbook.
    2003 HSE with 2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,20011 and now 2012 Parts in it

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    December 15th, 2012
    Kigoma, Tanzania

    Re: Thank you Storey Wilson!!

    Hi L4FLIROP,
    THis is the first thread I have seen where someone is using a Mac. I have a MacBook Pro but have been using a cronky old Advent with a S232-USB converter cable as I thought there wasn't a Mac version. I would much rather use my Mac.How did you do it?

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    April 12th, 2006
    Kloshe Cottage, WA

    Re: Thank you Storey Wilson!!

    Quote Originally Posted by nor a verger View Post
    I would much rather use my Mac.How did you do it?
    Emulator works for most Mac folks
    How come "you're a peach" is a complement but "you're bananas" is an insult?
    Why are we allowing fruit discrimination to tear society apart?

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    kcr is offline
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    December 26th, 2012

    Re: Thank you Storey Wilson!!

    I join in the cheers to Storey Wilson, great work and tool, best service and friendliness I ever had in the LR / RR world!
    One should suggest him for the "aluminum medal of honor" for his merits

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    August 25th, 2016

    Re: Thank you Storey Wilson!!

    Quote Originally Posted by RRToadHall View Post
    Emulator works for most Mac folks
    How're you emulator guys activating it? RSW solutions' website specifically mentions using a Virtual Machine is the way to run this software with a mac but after spending all day setting it all up, it won't let me activate it. Super annoying.

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    September 18th, 2014

    Re: Thank you Storey Wilson!!

    Quote Originally Posted by whyzee125 View Post
    How're you emulator guys activating it? RSW solutions' website specifically mentions using a Virtual Machine is the way to run this software with a mac but after spending all day setting it all up, it won't let me activate it. Super annoying.
    firstly, chiming in with big THANKS to Storey!

    @whyzee125, i too use a mac. specifically, a 15" mid-2012 retina macbook pro. i use CrossOver for mac. it allows you to install and run (some? most?) windows software on the mac without requiring you to install windows.

    this was a couple of years ago so i don't remember details, but my setup is the same.

    since the macbook doesn't have serial ports, i also needed to get a serial to usb adapter. of course it wasn't recognized right away, and of course the driver it came with (on one of those miniature CDs -- i had an external usb optical drive) did not work with the mac. i had to scrounge the internet for info on the particular usb adapter chipset, and found drivers that purportedly work for the mac. installed them (copied them to some directory in the mac OS file system), and still had to do some OSX terminal wizardry (off info on the net on assigning serial ports), and somehow assigned my righthand side USB with the adapter in to Serial Comm3.

    so when i connect the serial-usb adapter to my righthand side USB port and fire up EAS Unlock (from inside CrossOver), i will initially get a Comms Initialization Failed. i click 'ok' on the error dialog and within the software, and from 'comms' inside the 'eas setup' menu, i need to select Comm3. 'Initialize' then i'm good to go. i'm pretty sure it's possible (i'm confident it's even a quite simple thing) to change this so that it's on Comm1 so the eas unlock software will start and sync right away. but when it worked on Comm3, i didn't want to fix what wasn't broken so i left it at that.

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