My basic info, I am versed in pre 2010 land rovers, worked dealer and indy rover shops for a while, working on rovers since 1996 and on cars since age 16 and I just turned 50. Im not a spring chicken at this game.
have used the actual dealer test book, 2003 and later ids vci, autologic and snapon diagnostic equipment on land rovers, each has its own caveat and strong points.

over the summer a friend attended a state sale where he acquired a large amount of shop equipment, among such a laptop loaded with land rover T4 software, it included cd Archive 23 DRG0023, the actual OBD cable, the usb cable and the communications box #DTC 4021B. now I own it.
having a little free time I decided to connect my 2000 p38.

I have heard of the t4 mobile plus but never used it, the screen seems the same familiar textbook I saw so many times at the dealer, with the exception that dealer test book used many cables for communications and this uses the with box all else is very familiar.
well upon selecting the system in to with I desire to read, it requests I use a cable of particular color, in my case blue.

I press the blue button switch, I proceed with on screen instructions only to receive a message saying it cannot communicate to check cable.
this message returns wether or not I have pushed the top right button displaying eOBD pass thru.

to those versed in using this particular system, have you ever encountered this concern? could you please inform me of a possible solution?, where can I obtain support for this unit? do I need more cd's or is this the only one needed.
Im sure I have many more questions which I cannot formulate, please educate me as much as possible.